Democrats are in a state of rage over one crushing setback by Ron DeSantis

Jun 25, 2024

Ron DeSantis has changed the political landscape in Florida. 

He has dismantled some of the biggest power structures on the Left. 

And Democrats are in a state of rage over one crushing setback by Ron DeSantis.

Democrats furious at Ron DeSantis for fighting back against green energy

South Florida was hit with flooding after some areas received 20 inches of rain.

Democrats are never going to let a crisis go to waste.

Every time there is an extreme weather event, they blame climate change.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law this year that banned offshore wind farms, removed green energy directives, and eliminated language in state law that committed the state to addressing the effects of climate change.

The bill promoted reliable sources of energy like natural gas and encouraged the state to look at nuclear energy. 

The flooding was a chance for a Miami meteorologist to rant about DeSantis rejecting Green New Deal policies.

“The world is looking to Florida to lead in climate change, and our government is saying that climate change is no longer the priority it once was,” NBC 6’s Steve MacLaughlin said. “As Florida is on fire, underwater, and unaffordable, our state government is rolling back climate change legislation and language.”

DeSantis defends putting common sense first for energy

DeSantis toured Miami after the flooding where the media tried to play gotcha about his anti-Green New Deal bill.

“Our energy bill that we did, it wasn’t about saying or not saying ‘climate change,’” DeSantis said. “It was a substantive piece of legislation to say that in the state of Florida, our energy policy is going to be driven by affordability for Floridians and reliability.”

Getting life back to normal as quickly as possible is the Florida Governor’s top priority after an emergency.

“We need to get the lights back on,” DeSantis remarked. “We don’t want our policy driven by climate ideology.”

The Florida Governor pointed out that trying to blame his policies for rain was a political attack.

“We don’t want our energy policy driven by climate ideology,” DeSantis explained. “When that happens, people pay more and the energy is less reliable. You don’t believe me? Look at California, look at the places that have tried this.”

He noted that this energy policy did not have anything to do with rain in Florida. 

“Regardless of what you choose in that, it isn’t going to prevent us from having tropical weather during tropical season,” DeSantis said. “That’s just baked in the cake. But we have definitely said affordability for Floridians is important. We want low energy costs. And that means you’ve got to utilize things like natural gas.”

DeSantis has spent billions on restoring the Everglades and improving water quality under his administration.

In May, Democrats and their media allies attacked him over the hot weather in South Florida.

The Left has weaponized weather to use a club against their political opponents.

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