Democrats are panicking after Donald Trump told the Washington Post these seven words about Ron DeSantis

Apr 8, 2022

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are the two Republicans the Left fears the most.

The left-wing media tried to start a feud between Trump and DeSantis in hopes of driving a wedge between them before the 2024 elections.

But now Democrats are panicking after Donald Trump told the Washington Post these seven words about Ron DeSantis.

Polls show that Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee for President if he decides to run again in 2024.

But if Trump chooses not to seek a second term, Florida Governor is the clear front-runner to win the Republican nomination.

Of course, before he can even consider running for President, Ron DeSantis must first get re-elected to another term as Governor in November.

Right now, polls show DeSantis is crushing all three of his potential Democrat opponents in a head-to-head matchup.

With both Trump and DeSantis growing more popular by the day, the radical Left is determined to do whatever it takes to take down the two Republican powerhouses.

The most-recent attempt to slow down their surge in popularity was when the corporate-controlled media falsely claimed that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis were feuding with each other.

Even though both Trump and DeSantis denied the allegations, the left-wing continued to spread the rumors about an internal feud between the two camps.

During a recent interview with the Washington Post, Donald Trump once again called the rumors of he and DeSantis fighting another lie being spread by the Fake News Media.

“If I ran, I can’t imagine they’d want to run,” Trump said about Republicans like DeSantis running against him in 2024.

“Some out of loyalty would have had a hard time running. I think that most of those people, and almost every name you mentioned, is there because of me,” Trump added, referencing his previous endorsements.

Donald Trump specifically mentioned how his endorsement of Ron DeSantis in 2018 propelled him to victory in the GOP Primary and on to the Governor’s Mansion that November.

“In some cases, because I backed them and endorsed them,” Trump said. “You know Ron was at 3 percent, and the day I endorsed him, he won the race,” Trump added.

When the Washington Post reporter asked Trump if he believed his endorsement “made” DeSantis, Trump responded in the affirmative, saying that “as soon as I endorsed him, the race was over.”

As for the alleged feud between Trump and DeSantis, the former President once again clearly stated that the two of them are friends and have a good relationship.

“I have a good relationship with Ron,” Trump declared.

Like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis is a fighter who is willing to stand up to the Fake News Media and radical Left.

This is why the Left fears Trump and DeSantis the most.

And they will likely continue to try to spread phony rumors and lies about DeSantis and Trump in an effort to take them down before 2024.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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