Democrats are spending $15 million to try to stop Ron DeSantis in his tracks

May 16, 2022

Ron DeSantis is the most popular elected Republican official in the country.

He recently set a huge goal for November that would change the political landscape of America.

But Democrats are spending $15 million to try to stop Ron DeSantis in his tracks.

Outside of Donald Trump, there is no Republican more popular with voters across the country than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Polls consistently show that if Donald Trump decides not to run for President again in 2024, Ron DeSantis will be the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

Many believe Ron DeSantis is running for President regardless of Donald Trump’s decision.

Of course, DeSantis maintains his position that he is only focused on serving the people of Florida and winning election to another term this fall.

However, Ron DeSantis recently set a major goal of winning by such a large percentage in November that Florida would move from a swing state to a solid red state.

“I think that after the election, my goal would be, if we win the election really big, people like you who analyze these things are gonna say, ‘The days of Florida being a swing state are over,’” DeSantis declared on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” podcast.

DeSantis achieving his goal would be a huge win for Republicans and would cement him as a legend in the GOP.

But Democrats have a plan to stop DeSantis from turning Florida red.

As part of what Democrats are calling “Blue Shift Florida,” the Party is budgeting $15 million for the purpose of making sure Florida remains a swing state after November.

POLITICO reported:

“In what may prove to be Florida’s last stand as a battleground state, Democrats are launching a $15 million voter organizing effort ahead of this year’s elections.

Democratic candidates up and down the ballot — even those running in contested primaries — have agreed to pour in money that will be used to hire at least 200 organizers and open as many as 80 offices as part of a coordinated effort to pump up turnout across the state.”

Democrats realize they are facing an uphill battle.

“We’ve been killed since 2000,” Florida Democrat Party Chair Manny Diaz said. “This is the year we push back. Let’s stop being so doom and gloom here.”

“We’re not in Mississippi, we’re not in Alabama, we’re in Florida,” Diaz continued. “This is still a purple state. We have to get the work done.”

Of course, $15 million is a lot of money.

But it pales in comparison to the more than $115 million Ron DeSantis has raised for his re-election efforts.

If the Democrats want to keep Florida a swing state, they’ll need more than $15 million and a bunch of activists.

They’ll need a miracle.

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