Democrats are spitting mad after Ron DeSantis won a major victory in a key case ahead of 2024 voting

Nov 1, 2023

Ron DeSantis showed GOP voters what electoral success looks like during Florida’s 2022 elections.

But it was one move that got little media attention that really had Democrat Party bigwigs sweating bullets.

Now Democrat Party bosses are spitting mad after Ron DeSantis won a major victory in a key case ahead of 2024 voting.

The controversies surrounding the 2020 Presidential race catapulted election security to the forefront of the political debate.

After promising to make Florida the “gold standard for elections,” Ron DeSantis went to work making good on his word by strengthening confidence in elections in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis signed a bill that banned ballot harvesting and prohibited the mass mailing of unsolicited ballots to voters.

The Governor also enhanced voter ID protections at the ballot box for Florida voters.

Of course, left-wing activists are trying to stop DeSantis from strengthening voters’ trust in the outcome when they head to the polls.

The Leftists tried to accomplish that by using their favorite method of filing a lawsuit in court.

Numerous so-called voter rights advocacy groups previously filed a lawsuit against Florida and the 67 county supervisor of election offices created by DeSantis as part of his election trust and stabilization efforts.

“The voter rights advocacy groups, including the NAACP and, filed the case in order to challenge Florida’s voter registration signature authentication requirement,” Florida’s Voice reported. “The groups sought for Florida’s law to comply with a federal law that prevents any states from using ‘immaterial errors or omissions to deny the right to vote.’”

“They also argued that forcing individuals to provide ‘original signatures’ was too restrictive and disenfranchising,” Florida’s Voice added.

However, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida Judge Allen Winsor granted a motion to dismiss the case on Monday, dealing a victory to DeSantis.

“Plaintiffs’ entire premise is that a copied, faxed, or otherwise non-original signature is equal in stature to an original, wet signature. But we know this not to be so,” Winsor wrote in his decisions. “In Plaintiffs’ view, federal law requires states to accept photocopies, facsimiles, electronic checkmarks, or something other than an original signature.”

Rapid Response Director for DeSantis’ campaign, Christina Pushaw, celebrated the victory in a post on X.

“Another WIN for DeSantis on election integrity,” she wrote.

“Not long ago, Florida was infamous for poorly-administered, chaotic elections,” Pushaw continued. “But since @RonDeSantis
took office in 2019, he’s focused on securing our elections so that all legal votes count.”

“The results speak for themselves,” Pushaw concluded.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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