Democrats are targeting Florida as they look to change the rules of the game ahead of 2024

Sep 7, 2023

Democrats’ only concern is gaining and maintaining power, by any means necessary.

When they can’t get the votes to win, they often turn to Democrat-appointed judges to contort the law in their favor.

Now Democrats are targeting Florida as they look to change the rules of the game ahead of 2024.

Republicans in Congress have Ron DeSantis to thank for their majority in the House.

Rather than accept a compromise redistricting map like most Republicans usually do, he insisted on a map that was more favorable to Republicans.

In states they control, Democrats push their edge as far as they possibly can, while Republicans all too often play nice in states where they control redistricting.

For example, in Maryland, despite the fact that the state had elected a Republican Governor by over 10 points in 2018, Democrats control 7 out of 8 Congressional Districts.

But as soon as Republicans play the same game, Democrats cry foul and claim “racism.”

A Florida judge recently struck down DeSantis’ district map, claiming that it violated the State’s Constitution.

The map broke up a district held by Al Lawson.

Members of Congress have their districts broken up all the time during redistricting, but since Lawson is a black Democrat, he’s supposed to be untouchable according to the Left and their activist judges.

If the ruling isn’t overturned on appeal, the Florida legislature will have to redraw the maps ahead of the 2024 election.

Under DeSantis, Florida has become a reliably red state.

DeSantis won reelection by 19 points and won all but five counties in the state.

It’s not unreasonable at all for a state like Florida to have mostly Republican representatives in Congress.

The Left is using the same tactics in other states in which Republicans have drawn district maps favorable to their party.

Alabama will have to redraw its district maps after a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling that will likely affect Georgia as well.

Meanwhile, Democrat-controlled states like Maryland, Oregon, and Illinois are among the most gerrymandered in the country, and the courts let them get away with it.

Democrats are desperate to take the House back in 2024 and the courts are doing their dirty work for them.

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