Democrats are terrified about 2024 after Donald Trump said these six words about Ron DeSantis

Jul 1, 2022

Most everyone expects Donald Trump to run for President again in 2024.

No one knows who Trump would pick as his running mate.

But Democrats are terrified about 2024 after Donald Trump said these six words about Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump is expected to announce his candidacy for President shortly after the November Midterm elections.

Over the past several months, Trump held rallies in several states where he endorsed candidates running in this year’s Primary battles.

During an interview on Thursday with Newsmax, Donald Trump discussed the potential of running for President again in 2024 with host Rob Finnerty.

“Are Melania and Baron on board with a possible run again in two-and-a-half years?” Finnerty asked Trump.

Trump responded that they both “love our country” and “hate to see what’s happening,” before adding that he thinks “they’ll do what has to be done if we decide to go that way.”

The topic then turned to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump and DeSantis are the two most popular Republicans in America.

Polls consistently show Trump as the frontrunner with DeSantis in second place in the 2024 GOP Primary.

However, even though Trump still holds the lead, recent polls show DeSantis is steadily gaining ground on the former President.

Since Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are the two Republicans who the Democrats fear the most, the Left is desperate to do anything they can to damage them politically.

Their latest attempt at damaging Trump and DeSantis is by falsely claiming they are feuding with each other over the 2024 GOP nomination in hopes of tearing them apart.

Trump and DeSantis have both repeatedly denied the accusations, as the Florida Governor says his only concern is serving his state and winning re-election this fall.

Of course, Finnerty doesn’t believe the Fake News Media lies about Trump and DeSantis feuding.

But he did have a question for Trump about the Florida Governor.

“Can you envision a world, sir, where there is a Trump/DeSantis ticket in 2024?” Finnerty asked Trump.

“Well, I get along with him,” Trump immediately fired back.

Trump then reminded Finnerty that his endorsement propelled DeSantis to victory in the 2018 Republican Primary and on to the Governor’s mansion that November.

“I was very responsible for his success because I endorsed him and he went up like a rocket ship, just like I endorsed Mary Miller the other day,” Trump said, referring to a candidate he endorsed in Illinois who won Tuesday.

As the two most feared Republicans in America, a Donald Trump/Ron DeSantis 2024 ticket would be a nightmare for Democrats.

And this is one nightmare that Democrats could live to see come true.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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