Democrats in Florida believe they finally found a way to defeat Ron DeSantis in November

Jun 1, 2022

There is no elected Republican official who the Democrats hate more than Governor Ron DeSantis.

Despite two years of constant attacks from the Left, DeSantis is more popular with Florida voters than ever before.

But now Democrats in Florida believe they finally found a way to defeat Ron DeSantis in November.

In 2018, Ron DeSantis narrowly defeated Democrat Andrew Gillium by 0.4% to become the 46th Governor of Florida.

Since his election in 2018, Ron DeSantis has gained national fame over his willingness to stand up and take on the radical Left.

DeSantis first made waves during the pandemic by refusing to follow Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s COVID rules and restrictions.

The Florida Governor turned the Sunshine State into an “oasis of freedom” by allowing businesses and schools to remain open and banning masks and vaccine mandates.

But it wasn’t just his freedom-first policies that made DeSantis a household name.

DeSantis also became the first Republican Governor to take on the woke Left when he removed Critical Race Theory from Florida’s curriculum, banned biological males from competing in women’s sports, and signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill into law.

Of course, DeSantis taking on the Biden administration, Anthony Fauci, and the woke Left made him a top enemy of the Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media.

And with DeSantis facing his first re-election as Governor this fall, Democrats are planning to do whatever it takes to stop him from getting elected to another term.

But the Democrats’ attacks over the past two years have only made DeSantis more popular than ever before, with 52% of voters approving of the job he’s doing as Governor compared to just 42% who disapprove.

Agricultural Commission Nikki Fried and Congressman Charlie Crist are the top two Democrats running in the upcoming August 23 Primary for the opportunity to take on DeSantis in November.

Current polls show DeSantis handily beating both Crist and Fried in a hypothetical matchup.

Not only that, but DeSantis is also crushing the Democrats in fundraising, bringing in more than $115 million for his re-election efforts so far.

Since two years of attacks only made DeSantis stronger, Democrats are growing more desperate by the day to come up with a message that will resonate with voters.

The latest attempt by Democrats to stop DeSantis’ surging poll numbers is by blaming him for skyrocketing inflation.

“He’s forgotten our Florida,” Charlie Crist said during a recent speech. “He’s ignoring the biggest challenges we face: an affordability crisis that is literally squeezing our middle class, working families,” he added.

Democrat Nikki Fried went one step further than Charlie Crist, accusing DeSantis of turning Florida into “California” and “New York.”

“Ron DeSantis has made Florida (into) California and New York under his policies,” Fried said during an interview with Fox News. “And affordability is the number one issue that I hear on the ground.”

The fact that Democrats are trying to blame DeSantis for the problems caused by the Biden administration only shows how desperate they are to change the political atmosphere before November.

Inflation is running at 40-year highs, with no end in sight.

As Ron DeSantis pointed out, skyrocketing prices on everything from fuel to groceries is the fault of Joe Biden’s failed policies.

Voters also understand this.

And no amount of spin by the Democrats will convince Florida voters that the pain they are suffering at the pump and at the grocery store is Ron DeSantis’ fault.

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