Democrats just learned something about Ron DeSantis that will terrify them

Jul 22, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is building a political machine that is the envy of the Right.

But that is bad news for the Left.

Now Democrats just learned something about Ron DeSantis that will terrify them.

Governor DeSantis is running for re-election this fall in the increasingly red state of Florida.

DeSantis already raised a whopping $130 million to run for re-election this fall.

That sum also includes over $29 million from out-of-state donors.

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

The largest amount of out-of-state cash, nearly $10.83 million, came from Nevada. A big part of that stems from a $10 million contribution that aerospace executive Robert T. Bigelow made to DeSantis’ committee on July 7. But even without Bigelow’s money, Nevada would have been one of the committee’s top sources of funds. Nevada donors made seven contributions of $50,000 or more.

• DeSantis frequently tries to score points with the Republican base by criticizing Democratic-controlled states such as New York, California and Illinois. His committee is vacuuming up money from those blue states. New York donors trailed only Nevada and Washington, D.C., since the beginning of the year, pouring $1.565 million into the DeSantis committee. California was next at $921,219, followed by Illinois at $826,853.

• DeSantis has tried to remain coy about whether he plans to run for the White House in 2024. But if he runs, he will need to do well in a handful of states that played a key role in Democrat Joe Biden winning in 2020. DeSantis’ committee has been mining some of those states for cash. As of July 8, it had pulled in $596,055 this year from Georgia; $580,658 from Arizona; $309,059 from Michigan; and $241,862 from Pennsylvania.

• DeSantis’ committee pulled in about $9.6 million from Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland. Granted, that is somewhat inflated because the Washington-based Republican Governors Association pitched in $8.75 million. But donors in Virginia contributed $638,240. Also, donors in Biden’s home state of Delaware ponied up $140,264.

DeSantis’ fundraising prowess demonstrates that not only is DeSantis a rising political force but that conservatives are willing to financially support an effective fighter who scores victories advancing their shared values.

In the last two years, DeSantis led the fight against Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci’s COVID regime.

DeSantis signed orders banning vaccine passports and mask mandates in schools.

DeSantis also signed legislation banning wokeism from schools and blocking teachers from grooming children with transgender propaganda.

When Disney tried to kill the bill, DeSantis sent a message to woke corporations by signing legislation stripping Disney of its special privileges.

Out-of-state donors pumping $29 million into DeSantis’ campaign account also is a sign that DeSantis has the ability to put together the financial network to fund a potential 2024 Presidential campaign.

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