Democrats will be terrified by what one former Trump White House advisor just said about Ron DeSantis and 2024

Jul 11, 2022

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are the two most popular Republicans in the country.

They’re also the two Republicans who Democrats fear the most.

That’s why Democrats will be terrified by what one former Trump White House advisor just said about Ron DeSantis and 2024.

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are the top two contenders for the GOP nomination in 2024.

No other Republican even comes close to matching their popularity with Republican voters nationwide.

If for some reason Donald Trump decides not to run again in 2024, the GOP nomination would be Ron DeSantis’ for the taking.

Of course, most everyone expects Donald Trump to seek another run for the White House.

But while many are speculating that Ron DeSantis is planning to run in 2024, the Florida Governor insists that his only concern is serving the people of his state and getting re-elected to another term this fall.

Instead of focusing on 2024, DeSantis has his eyes set on winning by such a large margin that Florida turns from a swing state to a solid red state, which would certainly cement the Governor’s status as a hero in the GOP and lead to even more calls for him to run for President.

However, since Trump and DeSantis are the two Republicans the Democrats fear the most, the Fake News Media is falsely claiming the two are feuding over 2024.

Both Trump and DeSantis have refuted the false allegations on multiple occasions, saying they remain friends and political allies.

But a former top White House advisor to Donald Trump has an idea about Ron DeSantis in 2024 that would be the Democrats’ worst nightmare come true.

In an op-ed for the Daily Caller, Peter Navarro laid out the case for Republicans to have an uncontested primary in 2024 to prevent the “internecine warfare that often populates presidential primaries – and wounds standard bearers for the general election.”

Navarro says the way to do this is for Donald Trump to be the GOP nominee and for him to pick the right running mate early in the process.

“First, and foremost, Trump’s VP must be not just MAGA-sympatico but a true populist economic nationalist cut from the same cloth as Trump,” Navarro wrote. “Two who should lead a list of prospective VP picks are former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.”

Instead of Trump and DeSantis running against each other for the GOP nomination, Peter Navarro wants to see his former boss choose the Florida Governor as a running mate.

“DeSantis has shown courage and intelligence under pandemic fire,” Navarro wrote. “Of the two, DeSantis clearly wins the popularity contest with voters.”

Navarro believes if Trump and DeSantis teamed up, they would be “unstoppable.”

“If DeSantis were to agree to the VP slot prior to the primary season, this single action would likely clear the entire Republican field,” Navarro wrote. “And by the way, Trump-DeSantis 2024 would likely be unstoppable.”

Navarro concluded by making the case that Trump and DeSantis running together would clear the field for the GOP to occupy the Oval Office until 2036.

“DeSantis should see the wisdom of accepting such an offer from Trump as it would similarly clear the field for DeSantis in 2028 and usher in what would likely be the beginning of an eight-year run of DeSantis as president through 2036,” Navarro wrote.

“Memo to Ron: patience is as patience does,” he continued. “Memo to the boss: lead with intelligence and not your chin on this one,” he added. “A Trump-DeSantis ticket would indeed be a juggernaut.”

A Donald Trump / Ron DeSantis ticket would be a nightmare for Democrats and a dream-come-true for conservatives.

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