DeSantis just delivered a knockout blow to Nikki Haley over one policy skeleton that will leave you furious

Nov 17, 2023

Nikki Haley is determined to become the Republican nominee and it appears she’ll say almost anything to get elected.

Especially now that her policy record as South Carolina Governor is coming back to haunt her.

And Ron DeSantis just delivered a knockout blow over one Nikki Haley policy skeleton that will leave you furious.


The mainstream media elites started fawning for Nikki Haley the moment she floated her bid for President last year with a cute slogan straight out of Hillary Clinton’s messaging machine.

While her official campaign slogan is “Stand for America,” the pandering Hillary-esque woman line has become a catchphrase for Haley.

But as Haley tries to convince folks on the campaign trail in Iowa and New Hampshire that she’s conservative, folks in South Carolina know there are questions about what Haley’s use of the words “Stand . . .” and “Sometimes . . .” might refer to.

Because while Haley traipses around telling any Iowa Caucus-goers who will listen that she’ll protect girls and women in the bathroom from men, her record says otherwise.

The fact is, she killed legislation as South Carolina governor that would have done just that yet.

DeSantis delivers a knockout blow

On The Tara Show – DeSantis was asked to comment on Haley campaigning to “protect women and girls” from men entering their bathrooms and locker rooms despite Haley having killed that same legislation in her own state.

DeSantis didn’t miss a beat and replied “Well in Florida – we said girls and women should be protected in bathrooms and locker rooms – you should not have boys barging in – men going in there – it’s not appropriate – and so we did that without any question – of course we are going to do that.”

He continued and highlighted the contrast between his conservative leadership and Haley’s antics.

“She killed that legislation to protect girls in the bathrooms and the locker rooms – and she bragged about it,” DeSantis said. “And she bragged about it.”

DeSantis lashed on some more saying that Haley actually bragged about it later on.

“And later [she] said ‘oh I stopped that in South Carolina,” DeSantis added “She will kowtow to elite opinions, the media, and big corporations. That is how she falls down. You can pretty much set your clock to it. She has never fought any big fight on our behalf as conservatives and won any big fight. Any time the guns come out – any time the left does, she cuts and runs.”


DeSantis is confident in his true record of defending women and girls – and isn’t going to let Haley get away with pretending all of a sudden, she’s on the right side of this issue.

Blinded by political ambition

Haley, the DeSantis camp suggests, is plagued by what they see as her tendency to merely speak to the crowd of whatever room she happens to be in, variously pretending to be a “Pro-Life conservative” when talking to voters and spewing forth lines to the media and deep-pocketed “pro-choice” supporters about supporting “reasonable” abortion all in the same day.

But now Nikki Haley is scrambling to distance herself from the harsh criticism that paints her as truly the definition of an establishment RINO.

But that’s tough to square with her record, conservatives insist.

So while DeSantis has been working his ground game in Iowa, Haley is dumping $10 million in TV, radio, and digital ads into Iowa (and New Hampshire) in hopes of whitewashing her actual record.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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