DeSantis leveled the ultimate warning to Mexican drug cartels that left them running scared

Aug 17, 2023

President Biden might give cover to Mexican drug cartels – but not Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has pledged to crack down on the border crisis and his latest comments prove he’s dead serious.

And his recent warning to Mexican drug cartels left them running scared.

DeSantis is not afraid to use deadly force

As Mexican drug cartels continue to smuggle drugs across the border, Americans are paying the price.

Drugs laced with deadly doses of fentanyl continue to make it across the border and devastate families as they watch their loved ones die.

And now that the abortion lobby has admitted they smuggle abortion pills across the border – America hasn’t yet even experienced the deaths that are likely to occur.

Ron DeSantis has had enough – and has communicated loud and clear he’s prepared to use deadly force if necessary to keep Americans safe.

During a campaign stop in Iowa, a voter asked him if he’d even be willing to use drones to stop drug smugglers and human traffickers at the border.

Without missing a beat DeSantis replied “Yes, I’ve already said that we will. We will lean in against the drug cartels. We will absolutely reserve a right — if they’re invading our country and killing our people — we have a right to defend this country,” Fox News reported.

Mexican drug cartels have met their match

Mexican drug cartels love loose border policies that allow them to essentially do whatever they want.

Lax immigration laws have caused chaos at the border.

And while Donald Trump has been known to take a soft approach on immigration, Ron DeSantis is just the opposite.

To drug smugglers and those trying to harm Americans – DeSantis continues to fire a warning shot alerting them if they try anything – they’ll pay the price.

“We’re authorizing deadly force. They try to break into our country? They will end up stone-cold dead,” said DeSantis.

If Ron DeSantis is elected President of the United States, America will be in good hands.

There’s a reason law enforcement groups continue to endorse DeSantis – because they know he means what he says and he takes lawlessness seriously.

The world is watching

All eyes are on America to see how the Presidential race goes.

Other countries know if Biden is reelected – they can continue to attack America without facing the consequences.

But they know a President DeSantis will not allow America to be taken advantage of by those who exploit the vulnerabilities and weaknesses that still need to be resolved.

Perhaps if drug cartels comprehend they could be killed for harming Americans – and know DeSantis is serious when he said he is prepared to use deadly force – they’ll think twice about being bad actors.

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