DeSantis only had one thing to say on Trump’s silence about Hurricane Idalia

Sep 1, 2023

Governor DeSantis took a break from the campaign trail to lead the people of Florida through Hurricane Idalia.

Even though Donald Trump is a Florida resident, he remained silent during the first initial moments of the crisis.

And when Ron DeSantis was asked to comment on Trump’s silence about Hurricane Idalia, he only had one thing to say.

“It’s not my concern”

Donald Trump might be obsessed with attacking Ron DeSantis . . .

. . . but Governor DeSantis remains unfazed.

As Governor of Florida, DeSantis knows he has a responsibility to lead and steer his team to help the people of Florida, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

When asked about Trump’s silence on Hurricane Idalia, without missing a beat DeSantis simply replied “It’s not my concern.”

“My concern is protecting the people of Florida, being ready to go, and we’ve done that,” DeSantis continued.

Battle-tested leadership

Many politicians use tragedies or tough moments to score cheap political points.

But not Ron DeSantis.

He’s demonstrated he can remain calm in a crisis, and activate the necessary measures already in place to respond.

Even Joe Biden admitted he was surprised at how professionally Ron DeSantis managed Hurricane Idalia.

When Biden was asked if DeSantis was playing politics, Biden responded “No, believe it or not. I know it sounds strange, especially how the nature of politics today.”

DeSantis could have exploited the hurricane for political gain – but he didn’t.

He was laser-focused on helping the people of Florida.

DeSantis didn’t take the bait

The media would love to distract DeSantis from helping the people of Florida and trap him into bashing Donald Trump.

But DeSantis is too smart for that, and refused to take the bait.

Americans need a President who will have their best interest first and not get sucked into the political whirlwind of trading insults back and forth.

Donald Trump loves to spend his time calling DeSantis names hoping to discredit him.

But Ron DeSantis has proved yet again that he can rise above the noise and remain focused on what needs to get done.

Hurricane Idalia showed the American people once and for all the different leadership styles between Trump and DeSantis.

The media seems to agree that the contrast between both politicians is striking.

“For Florida’s two most prominent politicians, the week was a study in contrasting leadership styles,” reported the Miami Herald.

“While DeSantis responded to the natural disaster in ways the public has long expected its government officials to act — holding press conferences and offering apolitical directions about managing its impact — Trump ignored the storm for days, instead posting a litany of insults aimed at his political adversaries while highlighting positive poll numbers for his campaign,” continued the Miami Herald.

Ron DeSantis remained calm under pressure and didn’t take the bait – and the American people are watching.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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