DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin just destroyed CNN with one epic public smackdown

Jan 30, 2023

The media has its sights trained on Ron DeSantis.

Democrat activists in the press are constantly making up lies and smears against the Florida Governor.

And DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin just destroyed CNN with one epic public smackdown.

Ron DeSantis garnered rock star status in the Republican Party for his opposition to Joe Biden’s lockdowns and mandates.

But another reason for DeSantis’ meteoric rise in the GOP is due to him becoming the first Republican to stand up and fight back against the Left’s woke ideology.

DeSantis removed Critical Race Theory from the curriculum, prohibited biological males from participating in women’s sports, and protected children in kindergarten through third grade from left-wing grooming.

But the latest move by DeSantis that has the Left in a frenzy came when he alerted the College Board Florida Partnership that his administration rejected the new Advanced Placement (AP) class in African American Studies because it was “inexplicably contrary to Florida law and significantly lacks education value.”

DeSantis rejected the curriculum because it violates Florida’s law against Critical Race Theory and woke insanity in education.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the Democrats and left-wing media from calling DeSantis a racist and accusing him of pushing fascism in Florida.

But on Friday DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin called out left-wing CNN reporter John Blake for engaging in “media malpractice” for using annamed “experts” to claim rejecting the woke agenda “echoes similar decisions made by fascist dictators.” 

It all started when Blake sent an email to Griffin asking for comment on an article he’s writing about DeSantis’ decision to reject “an high school Advanced Placement course on African American history course in Florida.”

“I’ve talked to one of the nation’s leading scholars on fascism who, along with another scholar who is an authority on fascism, say that DeSantis’ decision echoes similar decisions made by fascist dictators to force what one historian calls ‘collective amnesia’ about the past,” CNN reporter John Blake wrote in an email to DeSantis’ office.

Griffin posted a portion of Blake’s email on Twitter and called it “this morning’s activism from @CNN.”

“See below for this morning’s activism from @CNN,” he wrote. “This isn’t journalism–it’s media malpractice,” he continued, before adding that “taking a critic’s dishonest position, legitimizing it with unnamed Experts™, & writing with a standard of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ does absolutely nothing to inform the public.”

In another post, Griffin shared a screenshot of his reply to Blake’s email.

“If this is what CNN considers journalism, it deserves to fail,” Griffin wrote in the email.

The left-wing media is viciously attacking DeSantis, spreading lies, and making up false accusations against him.

But DeSantis’ staff are on point and are ready to defend the Governor and expose the media, as demonstrated by the way Griffin handled CNN.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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