DeSantis’ Press Secretary just called out Donald Trump for trying to spread this whopper

Aug 29, 2023

Donald Trump’s near constant attacks on DeSantis prove that he considers him a threat to take the nominations.

Trump has even put out some blatant falsehoods about America’s Governor.

And DeSantis’ Press Secretary just called out Donald Trump for trying to spread this whopper.

Contrary to what Donald Trump would have you believe, Ron DeSantis is still very much in contention for the GOP nomination for President.

While Trump has enjoyed a major boost in the polls in recent months, there is certainly no guarantee those numbers will hold by the time the first votes get cast in Iowa next February.

Ron DeSantis recently had an outstanding debate performance, with many viewers and political observers declaring him the winner.

A poll conducted by Fox News digital showed DeSantis gained a 7 point boost following the debate performance.

Team DeSantis has also been hard at work in Iowa, with several planned appearances and staff from the Super PAC Never Back Down canvassing on the ground.

Meanwhile, Trump has angered Iowa GOP Primary voters by launching attacks against the state’s popular conservative Governor, Kim Reynolds, simply because she followed Iowa tradition by staying neutral in the Primary.

In his latest attempt to write DeSantis off, Trump made an unfounded claim that DeSantis was planning to drop out to run for Senate against Florida RINO Senator Rick Scott.

DeSantis’ Press Secretary Bryan Griffin quickly refuted this claim.

“This is fake news. Clearly, Donald Trump and his army of consultants are panicked about @RonDeSantis’ winning debate performance and the strong momentum that has followed. They know this is a two-man race, and we will carry this on to a win in this presidential primary. Instead of pushing fake news from New Jersey, the Trump campaign should be focused on getting their candidate on the campaign trail in Iowa and on the debate stage before it’s too late,” Griffin tweeted.

One thing is clear, DeSantis isn’t going anywhere, especially not before any of the votes are cast.

As much as Trump wishes he could just walk away with the nomination without having to contend with DeSantis, this latest stunt is just further proof that he knows it isn’t going to be that easy for him.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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