DeSantis’ pro-freedom policies earned Florida the number one spot nationwide in this key area

Aug 21, 2023

Freedom is popular in Florida.

Outside visitors seem to think so too and they continue to flock to the Sunshine State in droves.

And Ron DeSantis’ pro-freedom policies are so effective they’ve launched Florida to the number one spot nationwide in this key area.

DeSantis proves his pro-freedom policies work

When the pandemic hysteria swept through the United States, state economies were devastated – and some still haven’t recovered.

But not Florida.

In fact, Newsmax reported Florida leads the nation in foreign visitors this year and is on track to reach a post-pandemic record high of foreign visitors.

VISIT FLORIDA even claims post-pandemic tourism in Florida has topped other popular states like California and New York.

President and CEO of VISIT FLORIDA, Dana Young, gives all the credit to Governor Ron DeSantis for his freedom-first policies like reopening Florida while other states were locked down, reported Florida Politics.

Trump’s failed nickname for DeSantis is exposed

Early data from VISIT FLORIDA shows Florida is leading with an 80 percent recovery rate over 2019 numbers – while New York is at 75 percent and California trails behind even lower at 68 percent.

Florida’s numbers are even better than the overall national recovery rate which is still hovering around 73 percent, reports VISIT FLORIDA.

Earlier in the campaign, Trump nicknamed DeSantis “Lockdown Ron” criticizing his way of managing the pandemic madness.

But the numbers don’t lie – there’s a reason Florida is seeing an all-time high in international visitors . . .

. . . while woke states like California and New York are falling behind.

It’s because DeSantis has always been pro-freedom and understood the necessity to keep Florida’s economy running strong despite bureaucratic attempts from Joe Biden to shut it down.

Scare tactics and threats don’t work

Ron DeSantis has marketed Florida as a state where “woke goes to die” – and he’s backed up his words.

He’s slashed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) trainings and Critical Race Theory propaganda – causing outrage from the NAACP.

In fact, the NAACP was so furious at the effectiveness of Ron DeSantis that they issued a travel advisory actually warning people not to travel to Florida claiming Florida was “openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals.”

But despite telling people not to “travel to Florida” – visitors continue to pour in.

DeSantis knows the secret to a booming economy is to promote pro-freedom policies that allow small businesses to stay open.

And his tough stance on crime has not only earned him praise from law enforcement agencies and families all around Florida – but they have attracted visitors who know Florida is a safe place to visit.

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