DeSantis scores another key endorsement that will have Trump babbling in a fit of rage

Nov 8, 2023

Ron DeSantis continues to score key endorsements from conservative leaders.

Donald Trump cannot stand it.

And Trump came unglued over the fact that yet another conservative Governor has endorsed DeSantis.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said early on that he was on team DeSantis.

And he’s never backed down from his commitment to back DeSantis, and continues to praise DeSantis whenever he can.

On Fox Business, Stitt said about DeSantis “I know him very well, I watched how he led through COVID – the guy never backs down – he thinks like we do.”

Stitt continued “He believes in strong borders, energy independence, safe communities, so I’m 100 percent behind him.”

Not only is Stitt backing DeSantis because of his unwavering commitment to uphold conservative principles – but DeSantis is the one that can beat Biden.

“We’ve got to defeat Biden and Ron DeSantis can do it – and he can be there for eight years,” Stitt continued.

“So that’s why I’m just still 100 percent behind him,” continued Stitt.

Sounds familiar

When Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt endorsed Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump lost his mind.

Trump cannot stand it when he feels slighted and is quick to publicly express his anger.

On Truth Social Trump wrote, “Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, who I didn’t know very well, called me before his last election to say he was in BIG trouble and very much needed my Endorsement. I LOVE Oklahoma & won 77 out of 77 Counties, something that never happened before.”

“Ronald Reagan was next with 56. Anyway, I gave him my endorsement, he immediately went way up, and won. Now, despite the fact that DeSanctimonious is losing to Biden, & me, Stitt just endorsed him. Wow!” Trump continued with his childish rant.

But that’s how Donald Trump rolls.

He thinks somehow every single politician in America owes him an endorsement.

But Trump’s entitled demands continue to backfire as more and more conservative leaders continue to back DeSantis.

The election is Trump’s to lose

Despite the fact Trump is leading in several polls – his public meltdowns and fits of rage are not helping his campaign.

Voters don’t want an unhinged candidate as their next President.

In contrast to Trump, Ron DeSantis continues to appear calm, cool, and collected while Donald Trump makes political gaffes.

As DeSantis Daily reported, Trump has recently been on a tear showing up to campaign events not even knowing what state he’s in.

If Trump doesn’t change his campaign strategy soon he’ll only continue to lose endorsements as more conservatives jump on the DeSantis train.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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