DeSantis was asked if American troops should deploy to Israel and his answer might surprise you

Oct 27, 2023

The world is watching America wondering if American troops will become involved in the Middle East conflict.

Of all the candidates running for President, DeSantis has been the most vocal about his support for Israel.

And when DeSantis was asked if American troops should deploy to Israel – his answer might surprise you.

Should American troops deploy to Israel?

DeSantis says absolutely not.

While DeSantis is unapologetic in his support for Israel – he wanted to clarify the difference between supporting Israel and involving American troops in yet another overseas war.

During a Town Hall, DeSantis said he was asked if he would put American troops in Israel.

“Of course not. They can defend themselves,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis continued “We support their right to defend themselves – but it’s their war – it’s not our war.”

But what about Special Forces?

Though DeSantis does not support deploying troops – he didn’t state he was against using Special Forces for rescue attempts.

During a NewsNation interview, when asked about using Special Forces, DeSantis replied “All that, of course, would be something that would be classified and secret as it should be.”

Yet still, DeSantis wanted to reiterate the difference between a special mission and a full-blown deployment.

DeSantis continued, “In terms of the overall conflict, it’s Israel’s war. They’ve never asked us to fight their wars for them. We have a long-standing military support relationship. I would continue that. But you wouldn’t see ground troops fighting in Israel if I were President.”

DeSantis helps Israel in other ways

While DeSantis does not support putting American troops on the ground in Israel – he’s still committed to using his power to help them however he can.

In a press release, DeSantis reported in addition to rescuing 700 American citizens out of Israel and flying them back to Florida . . .

. . . he also sent tangible goods to help Israel.

According to a DeSantis press release, two cargo planes carrying 85 pallets of donated supplies have arrived in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

“These goods were requested by hospitals and other government agencies in Israel and were sent through the collaboration of Florida hospitals, local communities, the Agency for Health Care Administration, Florida Division of Emergency Management and various Israeli partners,” said DeSantis’ staff.

The world is watching

As the conflict between Hamas terrorists and Israel continues to intensify, the world is watching.

While there are those who would love to “rush into another war” – it’s crucial to take a pause and think about the unintended consequences.

There is a difference between supporting a country’s right to defend itself . . .

. . . and putting boots on the ground.

DeSantis did a great job walking that narrow line and reiterating his unwavering support for Israel without letting his emotions take over.

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