Disney is facing one nightmare scenario that could send Mickey Mouse out on strike

Feb 21, 2024

Disney is drowning in problems of its own creation after going woke.

A revolt is brewing by angry employees at the self-styled “Happiest Place on Earth.”

Now Disney is facing one nightmare scenario that could send Mickey Mouse out on strike.

The workers who dress up as classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Cinderella at the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California are working on becoming unionized.

The Actors’ Equity Association, which represents workers’ live theatrical performances, is looking to represent the Disney characters.

Union organizers say the workers want better safety conditions and scheduling.

Disney workers in the Character Department who “create Disney magic for Guests by bringing beloved characters to life in shows, meet and greets, and character dining experiences,” would be forced to accept exclusive union representation if the efforts are successful.

Disneyland union organizers calling themselves “Magic United” have begun to distribute union authorization cards to the 1,700 workers who play characters and performers in the park’s parades.

If a majority of the workers sign the authorization cards, Actors’ Equity will seek voluntary recognition of the union from Disney.

If Disney refuses to recognize the union, Magic United will head to President Joe Biden’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to force a rigged election for the workers in Disneyland Character and Parades departments to vote on unionization. 

Most of the workers at Disneyland and Disney World in Florida are already unionized.

The Disneyland Character and Parades department was one of the last holdouts to unionization. 

“We believe that our Cast Members deserve to have all the facts and the right to a confidential vote that recognizes their individual choices,” a representative for Disneyland said about the unionization effort.

“Disneyland is a very special place, where Cast Members create magic that attracts millions of guests every year,” Actors’ Equity Association Union Boss Kate Shindle said in a statement. “Disney workers are openly and powerfully invested in and loyal to the Walt Disney Company and its values, so it’s reasonable for them to expect ‘the happiest place on earth’ to pay them fairly and prioritize their health and safety.”

Actors’ Equity union organizing campaigns picked up notable victories in the last two years with planetarium lecturers and strippers in Los Angeles.

Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney characters are some of the notable attractions at Disneyland.

If they are unionized, Disney could look forward to Mickey Mouse marching on the picket line of a strike outside Disneyland accompanied by Scabby the inflatable union rat.

Disney has another headache on its hands, as some of its most visible workers at Disneyland look to unionize.

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