Don Lemon set his last shred of credibility on fire with one lie about Ron DeSantis

Jan 27, 2023

Don Lemon has already been demoted by CNN.

He was moved from primetime solo host to the co-host of a fledgling ensemble morning show.

And Don Lemon set his last shred of credibility on fire with one lie about Ron DeSantis.

Democrats and their media allies are escalating their assaults on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis won reelection by 20 points, so Democrats view him as a top threat in 2024.

One of the things that has made DeSantis so effective is his engagement in the culture war.

Governor DeSantis signed the Stop WOKE Act to bar public institutions from forcing divisive neo-Marxist concepts, like Critical Race Theory (CRT), on children.

Of course, the Left had a conniption, suggesting that the Governor is attempting to ban history.

And CNN’s Don Lemon took it even further, claiming that DeSantis wants to outright ban the teaching of slavery in schools.

Lemon brought on CNN correspondent Audie Cornish to discuss the DeSantis administration blocking an Advanced Placement (AP) African American Studies course, which is simply a propaganda course.

“Well, already I’m seeing some activists call this, ‘Don’t say black,’” Cornish claimed. “The idea that he’s going to — like the ‘Don’t say gay’ bill. That you can somehow draw lines in the classroom.”

“What is that line?” she continued. “Who’s going to draw it?  And if Ron DeSantis runs for President, does he plan on drawing those lines nationwide? In classrooms nationwide? And I think that is a question for every voter, every person who’s kind of watching what’s going on in Florida. What does it mean when politicians think you can reach all the way into the classroom and tell people what is and what is not okay?”

Cornish is correct to ask “what is the line” and “who’s going to draw it?”

The answer is the duly elected Governor, state legislators, school boards, and parents should all have a say in what gets taught in public schools, not unelected bureaucrats, “woke” activists, and teachers unions.

For decades, leftists have had free rein to do whatever they wanted in education with little pushback, but they’ve gone way too far this time around.

Now, millions of concerned parents are getting involved, and the people of Florida have given Governor DeSantis a clear mandate to root out this neo-Marxist nonsense.

“So slavery became illegal,” Lemon chimed in. “Now, it’s going to be illegal to teach slavery in schools. It seems really odd.”

This is the dishonesty of the Left on full display.

Radical left-wing activists are pretending as if they can’t teach history without layering Marxist propaganda.

For once, they’re losing the culture war and they don’t know what to do.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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