Donald Trump is nervous after 19 legislators in one battleground state announced their support for Ron DeSantis

Apr 28, 2023

Joe Biden put all speculation surrounding his 2024 plans to bed on Tuesday when he officially launched his reelection campaign.

All eyes are now on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

And Donald Trump is nervous after 19 legislators in one battleground state announced their support for Ron DeSantis.

The anticipation surrounding Ron DeSantis’ expected 2024 Presidential announcement is higher than ever.

Republican voters know DeSantis can be trusted to take the fight directly to the radical Left.

Not only that, after leading on hot-button conservative issues for the past two years, DeSantis cruised to a landslide reelection victory and turned Florida into a solid red state.

DeSantis’ leadership and impressive performance cemented him as a top contender for the GOP nomination.

Even though DeSantis is keeping his plans for 2024 to himself, he has been making all the moves an expected Presidential candidate would make at this time.

He released a book at the end of February and embarked on a national media and speaking tour, visiting several battleground states along the way.

Michigan is one of the battleground states DeSantis visited.

The Governor spoke at a local GOP event and delivered a speech at the conservative Hillsdale College.

Since Michigan is expected to be the fifth state to hold its Republican Primary, it could play a key role in deciding the GOP nomination.

And 19 State Legislators in Michigan just came out and enthusiastically declared their support for Ron DeSantis in 2024.

“Nineteen GOP Michigan state legislators have endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for president in 2024, even though he hasn’t officially announced he’s running,” The Hill reported. “The pro-DeSantis political action committee Never Back Down announced that state Rep. Bryan Posthumus and 18 other Michigan conservatives are backing DeSantis after he visited the state earlier this month.”

Posthumus said DeSantis is exactly the type of change America needs at this critical point in history.

“Families across Michigan are feeling the pain of Democrat leadership — or lack thereof, really — more and more every day,” State Representative Bryan Posthumus said in a statement. “Governor DeSantis embodies the change that our state and our country desperately need,” he continued, before adding that DeSantis “has demonstrated what is possible when bold leaders stand strong.”

“I am excited about the future of this country with Governor DeSantis as our next President,” Posthumus concluded.

18 legislators in Michigan signed a letter in December encouraging DeSantis to run because “we believe you are uniquely and exceptionally qualified to provide the leadership and competence that is, unfortunately, missing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

DeSantis is expected to make his announcement in the coming weeks when the State Legislative session adjourns.

But a lot of conservatives are too excited to wait and are making their support for DeSantis known.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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