Donald Trump Jr. turned white as a ghost when this jaw-dropping statement hit his ears

Nov 21, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. is used to hearing all kinds of unexpected statements.

But nothing prepared his ears for the shocking thing said at his old man’s recent campaign rally.

And Donald Trump Jr. turned white as a ghost when this jaw-dropping statement hit his ears.

Trump praised Chinese dictator Xi Jinping

During a campaign rally, Trump was busted giving praise and credit to Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

In Iowa, Trump called Xi Jinping “fierce” and “smart,” reported Deseret News.

But he didn’t stop there.

“Now, the press doesn’t like it when I say good things about (Xi),” Trump told the crowd.

He continued “What can I say? He runs 1.4 billion people with an iron hand,” Deseret News reported.

Conservative voters were left scratching their heads as they know controlling 1.4 people with an “iron hand” and restricting their freedom isn’t a good thing.

Campaign’s “Trump Accident Tracker” is exposing every Trump mishap

The DeSantis campaign has seized the opportunity to report on all of Trump’s latest mishaps – including his China fumble – and they refuse to let him get away with anything.

When launching the accident tracker, Andrew Romeo a spokesperson for the DeSantis campaign said “To highlight the liability that Trump is for his own campaign and remind the American people of the liability he would be in the Oval Office, we will now be keeping a daily record of how long Trump can go without causing an accident on the job.”

And according to the DeSantisWarRoom’s “Trump Accident Tracker” – it remains at 0.

“The accident tracker remains at 0!,” DeSantisWarRoom posted on X. “Why? Well, in his lone visit to Iowa this month, Donald Trump insulted Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, confused Afghanistan for Ukraine, said Xi Jinping is a ‘great guy,’ and suggested deploying troops back into Afghanistan.”

“Then yesterday he went to Texas and gave a 10-minute speech where he claimed he won the 2016 Texas primary in a landslide,” the DeSantis rapid response account added. “He’s correct it was a landslide — but just not the way he thinks. He got crushed by 17 points.”

Has Trump lost his game?

Many political insiders are worried about Trump’s continued mishaps and verbal slips.

On the campaign trail, Trump continues to utter statements like praising Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jinping that just don’t sit well with the American people.

Part of Trump’s electability is the fact he isn’t bought by anyone and he’ll say whatever he feels like.

While shaking up the political establishment is a good thing – Trump’s latest remarks have those closest to him incredibly nervous as they have no idea what he’ll say next.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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