Donald Trump just blew the left-wing media’s narrative about feuding with Ron DeSantis out of the water

Jul 27, 2022

The corporate-controlled press thought they had finally found a way to take down Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

But it didn’t work out as planned.

That’s because Donald Trump just blew the left-wing media’s narrative about feuding with Ron DeSantis out of the water.

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are two rock stars in the Republican Party.

If Donald Trump decides not to run for President again in 2024, polls show Ron DeSantis would be the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

No other Republican even comes close to the level of adoration Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis enjoy among GOP voters across the country.

This is why Democrats and the left-wing media hate Trump and DeSantis so much.

Their hatred is driven by fear.

Since their attacks have so far failed to take them down, the Left decided to manufacture a feud between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is running for President again in 2024.

The only question is if he plans to announce his candidacy before or after the November elections.

As for Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor is facing his first re-election this fall.

Even though DeSantis says his only focus is serving the people of Florida and getting re-elected to a second term, he is considered a top contender for the GOP nomination due to his rock star status among Republican voters nationwide.

On several occasions over the past few months, the Fake News Media claimed Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis were at war with each other over 2024.

Both Trump and DeSantis have refuted the allegations, saying the two remain friends and there are no hard feelings between them.

But since DeSantis is up for re-election this fall, the media recently claimed the fact that Trump hasn’t yet officially endorsed him was proof that the two are indeed feuding.

However, during an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump put those rumors to bed by saying he would definitely be voting for DeSantis in November.

“I get along with Ron very well,” Trump also said about DeSantis.

Trump also reminded the Journal that his endorsement in 2018 is what catapulted DeSantis to victory in the GOP Primary and on to the Governor’s Mansion that fall.

“If I didn’t endorse him, he wouldn’t have won,” Trump said.

The left-wing media thought they finally had a way to take down Trump and DeSantis.

But Donald Trump ruined it for them by telling the Wall Street Journal that he certainly planned to vote for Ron DeSantis this fall.

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