Donald Trump just declared war on Ron DeSantis with this shocking letter

Mar 17, 2023

This is the point of no return.

Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are no longer allies but competitors for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination.

And that’s because Donald Trump just declared war on Ron DeSantis with this shocking letter.

Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again Inc. Super PAC filed a draft complaint with the chairman of the Florida Ethics Commissioner Glenton Gilzean accusing Ron DeSantis of violating Florida’s resign to run law, which mandates current office holders step down if they are seeking another office whose term will overlap with their current term.

Trump’s complaint alleges the formation of pro-DeSantis Super PACs Ready for Ron and Never Back Down as well as DeSantis’ current book tour run afoul of current state law.

The letter claims these actions “are unlawful because they serve his personal political objectives, are in furtherance of his personal financial gain at the expense of Florida taxpayers, and are intended to influence his official decision to resign from office.”

The pro-Trump Super PAC also cited DeSantis’ juggernaut fundraising as somehow in violation of the resign to run law.
“This letter provides ample evidence to support a finding of probable cause by the Florida Commission on Ethics that Governor DeSantis, in concert with certain associated political committees, political consultants and a 501(c)(4) organization, has solicited and received millions of dollars’ worth of illegal gifts in violation of Florida State ethics laws and the Florida Constitution,” the letter reads.

The draft complaint also cites the marketing campaign for DeSantis’ book as evidence DeSantis is running for President while still Governor of Florida.

“While only publicly teasing his private decision to run for President,” the letter continues. “Friends of Ron DeSantis, Governor DeSantis’ Florida political committee, has made Governor DeSantis’ intentions clear with a new advertising campaign ostensibly promoting his book, stating, ‘that’s just the price you have to pay to be able to save this country.'”

The DeSantis team dismissed the complaint as small ball partisan nonsense.

“Adding this to the list of frivolous and politically motivated attacks — it’s inappropriate to use state ethics for partisan purposes,” DeSantis’ communications director Taryn Fenske shot back.

Conservatives were furious that Trump was waging lawfare against a fellow conservative and never took this kind of action to fight the Democrats and defeat the Deep State.

Polls show DeSantis and Trump locked in a tight race for the GOP nomination.

DeSantis also leads Trump in state level polls in California and Pennsylvania.

This frivolous legal complaint shows just how worried Trump and his team are about the prospect of facing DeSantis in the GOP primary.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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