Donald Trump just humiliated himself at a campaign stop in Iowa

Nov 3, 2023

Donald Trump would like to think he has the Iowa caucus in the bag.

But thanks to the hard work of Team DeSantis, the former President is now on the defensive in the Hawkeye State.

And Donald Trump just humiliated himself at a campaign stop in Iowa.

For months, Donald Trump paid much less attention to Iowa than would be expected of a Presidential candidate during the Primary season.

But the DeSantis campaign and the pro-DeSantis Super PAC, Never Back Down have been running millions of dollars worth of ads in the Hawkeye state, as well as knocking on voters’ doors throughout the state.

This has forced Trump to up his efforts in the first state to vote in the 2024 Republican Presidential nomination contest.

In just over a month, the former President has visited the state eight times.

But during an event, Donald Trump made an embarrassing gaffe.

“Hello to a place where we’ve done very well, Sioux Falls. Thank you very much,” The President said while visiting Sioux City Iowa.

The problem is Sioux Falls is a town 80 miles north in South Dakota.

While it may seem minor, one thing that can really put off a crowd is when you get their city wrong and call them by a neighboring town, especially in cases where regional rivalries may be at play.

Trump’s gaffe is likely a sign that the heavy campaigning is taking its toll on the 77-year-old former President.

It’s common for exhausted Presidential candidates to make embarrassing gaffes on stage, like the infamous gaffe made by former President Barack Obama, who said he had visited “57 states, with one left to go.”

Trump has expressed overconfidence in his ability to win the Iowa Caucus.

“I go around saying of course we’re going to win Iowa. My people said you cannot assume that,” Trump said during his Sioux City visit.

“There’s no way Iowa is voting against Trump,” he continued.

But the fact that he is now campaigning so heavily in the state is an indicator that he fears DeSantis will deliver him a major upset next January when the first in the nation ballots are cast.

A DeSantis win in Iowa will make it clear to the nation that this is a two-man race, and that Trump is far from the shoe-in for the nomination.

And that is exactly what the DeSantis campaign is working to do.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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