Donald Trump just saw one new poll out of Iowa that made him start to worry about Ron DeSantis

Nov 20, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is promising victory in the January 15 Iowa Caucus.

But polls show Donald Trump with a commanding lead over the rest of the field in Iowa.

And Donald Trump just saw one new poll out of Iowa that made him start to worry about Ron DeSantis.

The RealClearPolitics polling average shows former President Donald Trump leading by 29.7 points in Iowa with 47 percent support among likely caucus goers.

The polling average shows Ron DeSantis in second place with 17.3 percent followed by Nikki Haley in third with 14.3 percent.

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is confident that his grassroots strategy in Iowa can help him pull off a victory in the Iowa Caucus on January 15.

DeSantis shifted most of his staff to the Hawkeye State and recently dropped $2 million on an ad featuring Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, who broke with tradition and endorsed DeSantis before the third debate.

The Florida Governor is also campaigning hard in the Hawkeye State and is close to reaching his goal of completing the “Full Grassley.”

Named after Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, the “Full Grassley” means campaigning in all 99 counties across Iowa.

DeSantis is also making inroads in the Iowa evangelical community.

Evangelical voters dominate the Iowa Caucus.

“Dozens of Iowa pastors and worship leaders are endorsing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for president today, a few hours before DeSantis will appear . . . at a forum hosted by The Family Leader, a conservative Christian organization,” Radio Iowa reported. “Darran Whiting, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids, has signed onto the DeSantis campaign’s Faith and Freedom Coalition and he will be in the crowd at this afternoon’s event.”

“I appreciate the stand that Governor DeSantis has taken, especially on life,” Whiting said. “Not that there aren’t other good candidates, but at this point I think Governor DeSantis is the right man at the right time.”

DeSantis is also using his Pro-Life credentials to gain ground in Iowa.

Donald Trump drew fire from Pro-Life voters when he attacked DeSantis for signing a bill that bans abortions after six weeks.

According to a recent Des Moines Register poll, nearly 80% of likely caucus goers are Pro-Life and said a candidate’s stand on abortion restrictions is either “important” or “extremely important” when deciding who to support.

Ron DeSantis is the Pro-Life candidate in the race.

And if 80% of caucus goers vote based on the issue of abortion, Donald Trump may be starting to worry about Iowa.

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