Donald Trump uttered five words to Ron DeSantis that left Democrats paralyzed with fear

Jun 3, 2024

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis duked it out in a heated Republican Primary race.

Now the GOP has its focus on beating Joe Biden this November. 

And Donald Trump uttered five words to Ron DeSantis that left Democrats paralyzed with fear.

Donald Trump praises Ron DeSantis for teaming up with him

Former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are working together to take back the White House from President Joe Biden.

DeSantis endorsed Trump after he suspended his Presidential campaign in January.

After a sit-down meeting in South Florida between the two conservative heavyweights, DeSantis agreed to help fundraise for Trump and Republicans nationwide. 

Now he is enlisting his donor network, which includes some Trump skeptics, to hold fundraisers for the former President.

“DeSantis and his top donors raised more than $3 million on Thursday for the super political action committee Right for America, backed by big Republican donors such as Ike and Laurie Perlmutter, who have agreed to match at least a portion of the DeSantis team’s fundraising rather than funneling money directly to Trump’s campaign,” the Associated Press reported.

Trump called into the fundraiser and said via speakerphone, “Ron, I love that you’re back.”

The pair also discussed the Florida Governor playing a part at the upcoming Republican National Convention.  

Biden had the fundraising advantage with Big Labor, Wall Street, Big Tech, and Hollywood pouring into his campaign.

April marked the first month that Trump outraised Biden.

Republican Party is united to defeat Joe Biden

Right for America is run by Sergio Gor who was a former chief of staff for the Trump Victory finance committee and ally of Donald Trump Jr.

He said that the attention of the PAC is defeating Biden.

“We are thrilled by the support we are receiving from Governor DeSantis,” Gor said in a statement. “We look forward to ensuring President Donald Trump is elected in November.”

Former Republican National Committee finance chair Al Hoffman, a Palm Beach, Florida resident, told the Associated Press that there are still some major Republican donors that are reluctant to contribute to Trump.

“I know that there are Republican conservative, big-money donors that are very reluctant to endorse Trump,” said Hoffman.

DeSantis is now working to bring them back into the fold.

He plans to host more fundraisers in Florida, Texas, California, and other major states in the coming months.

Software executive Robert Salvador, a DeSantis donor, said that the party uniting is the best thing for the GOP and both men.

“This is definitely a good thing for the GOP and the USA. When the 2 best players in sports come together, they win championships. Same thing here,” Salvador told Florida’s Voice. “Trump and DeSantis are the leaders of the party and best positioned to save America.”

“It was also great to see Trump address some of the concerns from DeSantis’ donors about use of funds and allow the raise to happen with a PAC. Very strategic of Trump,” Salvador added.

It’s all hands on deck for the Republican Party to reclaim the White House from Joe Biden this November. 

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