Donald Trump was fuming after Ron DeSantis questioned his character and pro-life credentials

Jan 11, 2024

There’s just a few days left until the Iowa Caucus.

The gloves are now off for Ron DeSantis. 

And Donald Trump was fuming after Ron DeSantis questioned his character and pro-life credentials.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has already spent more time and money in Iowa than any of his GOP competitors.

But with the Iowa Caucus less than a week away, DeSantis is planning to spend nearly every day in the Hawkeye State meeting with voters before January 15.

On Thursday, DeSantis appeared for a town hall in Iowa hosted by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

CNN held a similar town hall with Nikki Haley in the hour before Ron DeSantis took the stage.

However, DeSantis directed the majority of his attacks at frontrunner Donald Trump.

The Florida Governor ripped Donald Trump for the COVID lockdowns and for not delivering on his promises to build the wall and Drain the Swamp.

“If you’ve run before, promised things, didn’t deliver, and then you’re running on the same things, wouldn’t it be reasonable to say, ‘Gee, I don’t know that I can take that to the bank going forward?’” DeSantis said. “Yes, I think the fact that he’s campaigning on something, that does not mean that he would actually follow through on it.”

He also ripped Trump for refusing to participate in any of the GOP debates.

“Donald Trump is not willing to show up on the debate stage,” DeSantis said. “Has he come to communities and answered questions?  Has he gone to all 99 counties?” 

“Heck, has he even gone to nine counties? DeSantis asked. “That’s not the way to do it.”

But it was DeSantis’ questioning of Trump’s character that stood out the most during his town hall.

“I’ll conduct myself in a way you can tell your kids, ‘That’s somebody you should emulate,’” DeSantis said. “Leadership is not about entertainment.”

A voter in the audience then asked DeSantis about the issue of abortion.

And DeSantis made it clear that he does not believe Donald Trump is pro-life.

“We have a difference of opinion in this Primary because Donald Trump has said that pro-life protections, even at the state level, are a ‘terrible thing,’” he said. “And he said that in relation to bills like what Iowa did, the Heartbeat Bill.”

He questioned Trump’s statement at the March for Life when he said, “all life was a gift from God,” “the unborn was made in the image of God,” and that “there should be protections.”

“That’s what he was saying when he was President at the March for Life; now he’s saying it’s a terrible, terrible thing,” DeSantis said. “So how do you reconcile those two views? Did he flip flop? Did he not believe it at the time?”

Host Collins then interrupted and asked DeSantis about his views on Trump’s pro-life values.

“Do you think Donald Trump is not pro-life?” Kaitlan Collins asked.

“Of course not!” DeSantis fired back.

“When you’re saying that pro-life protections are a ‘terrible thing,’ by definition, you’re not pro-life.”  

“How do you flip flop on something like the sanctity of life?” he asked.

The overwhelming majority of Iowa caucus goers are pro-life evangelical voters.

Ron DeSantis is reminding them of Trump’s flip-flopping on abortion in hopes of winning their support on January 15.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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