Donald Trump’s head exploded after DeSantis dropped this truth bomb about the 2024 election

Sep 15, 2023

Donald Trump is carrying around more baggage than a Boeing 747.

If conservatives want a real chance of implementing America First policies, there’s only one candidate in the race who’ll do so.

And Donald Trump’s head exploded after DeSantis dropped this truth bomb about the 2024 election.

As Democrat prosecutors have piled on more charges against Trump, his lead in the GOP Primary has shot up.

Before the first indictment hit, there were even polls showing DeSantis with a lead over the former President.

But Trump’s lead in the Primary polls are really what Joe Biden and the Democrats want to see, as polls show Biden defeating Trump in key swing states that he may lose if DeSantis were the Republican nominee.

And that is likely to get worse for Trump rather than better as the cases proceed against him.

In an interview with CBS News, DeSantis dropped the brutal reality of what a conviction on any of the charges would mean for the Trump campaign.

“I think the chance of getting elected president after being convicted of a felony is as close to zero as you can get,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis also said that even before the indictments were dropped against Trump, that he didn’t believe Trump should run for President again.

The Trump campaign predictably responded by making outrageous, unfounded accusations against DeSantis.

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung claimed, “Team DeSantis and Always Back Down were caught red-handed as one of their lawyers was outed as the mastermind of falsely trying to use the 14th Amendment to disenfranchise voters and interfere in the election.”

Cheung was referencing election law attorney Jason Torchinsky, who is currently representing an individual not affiliated with any campaign who is suing to have Trump disqualified for the ballot for presumably engaging in “insurrection.”

Torchinsky has worked for several Republican candidates, as well as for the Republican National Committee.

He also works for the Super PAC Never Back down, which supports DeSantis but is not allowed to coordinate with his campaign.

So the Trump campaign is attacking DeSantis for something a lawyer who doesn’t even work for him is doing for a client that has no relation to him whatsoever.

Talk about desperate.

DeSantis has never supported any of the Democrats’ legal attacks against Trump and has even spoken up to defend the former President, despite the fact that Trump attacks him relentlessly and baselessly.

The fact is Donald Trump already lost to Joe Biden once, and there is no indication that a rematch in 2024 will end differently.

Whether it’s fair or not, being convicted of a crime isn’t going to help you win over American swing voters.

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