Elon Musk couldn’t have seen this DeSantis bombshell coming

Nov 8, 2023

Elon Musk rattled the left-wing giants of Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C. and everywhere in between when he took over Twitter and committed it to free speech.

Now it’s clear he knew where to take his cue from.

But Elon Musk couldn’t have seen this DeSantis bombshell coming.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cracked down on Big Tech in the Sunshine State.

And he upped the ante in his efforts to rein in the rogue companies when he launched his bid for the White House.

But the elephant in the room few have acknowledged is that if DeSantis succeeds, it’s a good bet Musk’s X platform (formerly known as Twitter) could soon challenge Google – which has faced wide criticism as one of the most biased companies towards conservatives in Big Tech – as the biggest name in online search.

The Google search engine, which currently dominates the market, has been routinely accused of manipulating search results to favor Democrats.

During an interview with Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell, DeSantis said it’s time to level the playing field.

DeSantis suggested that Google’s ability to potentially influence elections with biased search results makes it critical that conservatives investigate ways to rein in their monopoly power.

Trust-busting the censorship-happy tech giants

The Florida Governor said that the Big Tech titan using the power of its search engine to boost a particular political party amounts to campaign contributions and likely even sways elections more than the big checks they stroke.

“Couldn’t you say that [rigging search results] are illegal campaign contributions?” Bozell asked.

“If somebody wanted to rent a restaurant out and invite me to come give a speech, that would have to be reported as a campaign contribution,” DeSantis replied. “You would not just be able to do that. So the question is if that’s the case, manipulating a massive online platform to benefit one party over another, how would that be less significant in terms of contribution than somebody just going to rent a restaurant, inviting friends and asking a candidate like me to come and speak?”

Bozell pointed out that during the evening of the first Republican Presidential Primary debate, none of the websites for the GOP candidates showed on the first page of Google’s search results.

However, websites for President Joe Biden and even his long-shot Democrat Primary challenger Marianne Williamson appeared on the first page that night.

The Media Research Center founder asked DeSantis if that would be something that he tackles during a potential Presidency.

“Yeah we could,” DeSantis replied. “You would have to do it in a way that was principled, which I think you could, and that was making sure everyone was treated equally. But I think that these guys have gotten a pass. I do think they’re using corporate resources to be able to influence elections and that is not something you can do without reporting under our system.”

Big Tech’s un-reported political cash

DeSantis has already laid a blueprint in Florida for going after the left-wing Big Tech by targeting their heavy-handed censorship of political candidates.

And it’s a blueprint he could use to take the fight to keep Big Tech in line national if he wins the White House.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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