Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody picked a fight with California over this green scheme

Jun 6, 2024

California is trying to force the Green New Deal on the rest of the country.

Now Democrat states have found a backdoor way to enact policy.

And Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody picked a fight with California over this green scheme.

Democrat states trying to set the nation’s energy policy through lawsuits

Democrats have run into a roadblock in Congress in enacting the most ambitious parts of the Green New Deal.

That is why Democrat-controlled states are turning to the legal system to advance their political agenda.

California and other states are filing lawsuits against major oil and gas companies in state courts alleging that they deceived the public about their contribution to climate change.

These lawsuits are seeking billions of dollars in damages from the companies for their alleged role in causing events from climate change, like wildfires and severe weather.

Democrats want to bankrupt the oil and gas industry through lawsuits because they cannot ban it through legislation.

The effect of these lawsuits will ripple out across the entire country in the form of higher prices as oil and gas companies are bludgeoned to death in hostile state courts.

That is why a coalition of Republican states is asking the Supreme Court to intervene against this unconstitutional attempt to set the nation’s energy policy from a courtroom.

Florida files a lawsuit to stop California’s Green New Deal policies from spreading everywhere

Republican Attorneys General from 19 states have asked the Supreme Court to stop Democrat states from filing frivolous climate change lawsuits in state court.

The lawsuit led by Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall names California, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

He said that Democrat states did not have the legal authority to set energy policy for the country or dictate policy beyond their borders by trying to regulate the atmosphere.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody joined the lawsuit saying that California was trying to bring the Green New Deal to the rest of the country.

“California has destroyed itself with reckless and costly Green New Deal policies that have weakened their state and put them on the brink of financial ruin, and I refuse to allow California, and other states like it, to tell Florida how to govern itself,” Moody said.

Moody’s office noted that the American economy is dependent on the oil and gas industry.

“These states are attempting to unconstitutionally legislate across state lines and force their radical policies on other states when people are struggling to buy groceries,” Moody continued. “Only Congress has the authority to set national energy policy.”

The lawsuit states the Supreme Court previously ruled in cases involving interstate air, water, and pollution that federal law reigns supreme.

Moody joined the Attorneys General of Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming in the lawsuit.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said that Democrat states are trying to set policy for the rest of the country from a courtroom.

“They do not have authority to dictate our national energy policy,” Marshall said in a statement. “If the Supreme Court lets them continue, California and its allies will imperil access to affordable energy for every American.”

Democrats continue their quest to turn the legal system into another branch of the legislature.

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