Florida Democrats are in a frenzy after Ron DeSantis proposed slashing the state budget by $4.6 billion

Jan 25, 2024

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has spent most of his time over the past few months on the Presidential campaign trail.

But that has not stopped him from fighting for Florida taxpayers.

And Florida Democrats are in a frenzy after Ron DeSantis proposed slashing the state budget by $4.6 billion.

Most of the news around Ron DeSantis has been centered around his bid for the GOP nomination.

But even though he is seeking the highest office in the land, DeSantis still has his official duties as Governor.

And DeSantis is continuing to fight just as hard for conservative values in the Sunshine State as he did during his first term.

DeSantis recently proposed $4.6 billion in spending cuts from the state budget as well as billions of dollars in tax cuts for Floridians.

In his State of the State Address, DeSantis pointed out how Florida is outperforming other states due to Republicans in the legislature cutting taxes and reducing spending.

“In New York City, there is a famous debt clock that shows the national debt going up in real time,” he said. “I’d like to see one of those made for Florida’s debt, only a Florida debt clock would be counting down, not up, because we have paid down nearly 25% of our state’s debt over the past five years.”

“Americans’ share of national debt: $100k,” DeSantis continued. “Floridians’ share of state debt: $661.”

The new budget proposed by DeSantis would reduce the budget by more than $4 billion and place $16.3 billion in reserves while paying down another $455 million in state debt ahead of schedule.

“The governor’s Focus on Florida website shows where DeSantis is recommending cuts, which include eliminating more than 1,000 jobs, many of them unfilled,” Yahoo reported. “The largest of DeSantis’ proposed cuts is to an agency within his own office: $1.5 billion or just more than 50% of the budget the Legislature gave the Division of Emergency Management this year.”

But spending cuts are not the only priorities for DeSantis this session.

He is also proposing more tax breaks for hardworking Floridians.

“In the Governor’s budget recommendations, I am proposing that we return $1.1 billion to the people through sweeping tax cuts that will provide even more relief to families, individuals, and retirees just trying to get by during these uncertain times,” DeSantis said in his State of the State Address.

Ron DeSantis catapulted onto the national scene due to his willingness to fight for conservative values.

And his bid for the White House has not stopped his fight against the big government Democrats in Florida.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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