Florida gave one message to New Yorkers that left Democrats steaming mad

Mar 7, 2024

People cannot wait to escape New York after it became a crime-ridden, socialist nightmare.

The Empire State’s loss is turning into other states’ gains.

And Florida gave one message to New Yorkers that left Democrats steaming mad.

The exodus of residents from blue states in search of a better life has helped drive the massive population boom in Florida. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has watched his state become the top destination in the country for residents moving from other states.

Florida official pitches New Yorkers on moving to the Sunshine State

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis appeared on FOX & Friends, where he made his case for freedom-loving New Yorkers to move to the Sunshine State.

He said that Florida is a stark contrast to the flood of negative headlines coming out of New York created by Democrat mismanagement.

“I cannot believe the ridiculousness… You’ve got an attorney general who is confiscating properties of business owners like Donald Trump, and then you’ve got a mayor who might as well be setting piles of money on fire in Times Square,” Patronis said. “This is good business for the state of Florida.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams came under fire for his plan to give illegal aliens prepaid debit cards with $10,000 on them.

New York City Comptroller Brad Lander released a report that found millions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer money was wasted by Adams handing out no-bid contracts to companies, some connected to his campaign donors, to provide services for illegal aliens.

The New York Post reported there was “little oversight and vetting” of the companies who charged “exorbitant rates” to house illegal aliens.

“Democrats are basically making the sales pitch for you,” co-host Todd Piro said.

Rising crime is sending residents fleeing from New York

“Safety is the number one attraction [to Florida],” Patronis said. “Your poor police officers are good men and women, but they’re afraid to arrest somebody or they just won’t, simply because your D.A. will not prosecute them.”

Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is only interested in prosecuting former President Donald Trump, not violent criminals.

“You have got a city that used to be a real icon in this country, in this world, and now it’s deteriorating to something that you’d see at a thrift shop,” Patronis added.

He said that he talked to many former New Yorkers who relocated to Florida and cited low taxes as the reason they made the move.

Florida has no state income tax while New York has one of the highest overall tax burdens for residents in the country.

“Your governance is a boon to our bottom line,” Patronis said.

Census Bureau data found that 91,000 New Yorkers moved to Florida in 2022.

The massive problems in New York will keep a pipeline open of residents fleeing the state for the freedom of Florida.

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