Florida set one amazing record that sent Democrats’ teacher union boss pals into a frenzy

Nov 14, 2023

Florida has become a blueprint for successful conservative policies under Governor Ron DeSantis.

He’s turned the state’s educational system into a national leader.

And Florida set one amazing record that sent Democrats’ teacher union boss pals into a frenzy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has led a remarkable transformation of the Sunshine State’s educational system by standing up for parents’ rights and educational freedom.

The Heritage Foundation released a report card that confirmed the success of DeSantis’ educational policies.

They found that Florida is the number one state in the country for education freedom.

“The renaissance of school choice is the silver lining of the Left’s disastrous mismanagement of American schools. The ‘Great Awokening’ and the theatrical school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic only compounded the existing dysfunction of the system,” Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts told Fox News Digital.

The Heritage Foundation used four criteria to rank states: educational choice, teacher freedom, transparency and return on investment.

“With more states embracing education freedom, we are inching closer to a system where parents have the autonomy they deserve, breaking away from the monopoly enjoyed by the education establishment,” Roberts added.

DeSantis has taken a sledgehammer to wokeness in public schools by banning Critical Race Theory (CRT), books with graphic sexual material championed by radical LGBTQ activists and signing into law a Parent’s Bill of Rights that prohibits students in grades K-3 from being taught radical gender ideologies and sexual orientation.

He also signed into law one of the most expansive universal school choice bills in the country and reined in teachers union bosses by passing a Teachers’ Bill of Rights that undercut their power over the classroom.

“In this 2023 edition of the Education Freedom Report Card, Florida remains the top-ranked state across the board,” the Heritage Foundation wrote. “Florida lawmakers have once again expanded education freedom and promoted parents’ rights while creating a laudable return on investment for taxpayers.”

The report noted that Florida set the standard for rejecting CRT in the classroom and creating transparency for parents about a school’s curriculum.

“Florida lawmakers set a high standard for academic transparency and rejected critical race theory’s pernicious ideas in 2022. State officials approved a proposal that prohibits students from being compelled to affirm the prejudiced ideas that critical race theory teaches,” the report stated.

DeSantis said that his educational changes put parents in charge of their children’s education.

“By providing universal school choice, parental rights in education and curriculum transparency, we have ensured that parents are able to fully direct the upbringing of their children,” DeSantis said about the Heritage Foundation report. “Thank you to the Heritage Foundation for recognizing the importance of education freedom.”

Florida has become the model for the rest of the country for successful conservative reforms to the educational system.

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