Fox News ran a hit piece against Ron DeSantis for the last reason you would ever expect

Jun 10, 2022

The corporate-controlled media is constantly lying about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But now even Fox News is in on the attacks.

And Fox News ran a hit piece against Ron DeSantis for the last reason you would ever expect.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis showed Republicans how to fight back against woke corporations.

Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays tweeted the organization’s support for disarming the American people following the tragedy in Uvalde.

Governor DeSantis is sick of woke corporations lining up behind Democrats in policy fights and then begging Republicans for handouts.

So Governor DeSantis vetoed $35 million in taxpayer funding for improving the Rays spring training facility. exclusively reports:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis plans to veto a $35 million legislation for a Pasco County facility that’s earmarked for the Tampa Bay Rays’ spring training, OutKick has learned.

DeSantis’s decision is in response to the Rays politicizing recent shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde ahead of a matchup with the Yankees in May . . .

. . . The decision follows DeSantis’ response to Disney earlier this year. In April, DeSantis revoked Disney’s special tax and self-governing privileges after the company injected itself into the debate over a Florida parental rights law, inaccurately dubbed as “Don’t Say Gay.”

Republicans expect corporate-controlled media outlets like CNN or MSNBC to run smear pieces attacking DeSantis for whatever the Governor does on a given day.

But this time Fox News joined in on the media pile-on.

The network posted an article on its website where Rays fans complained that DeSantis denied the team taxpayer funding for a spring training stadium.

Fox News reported:

“We as taxpayers should just worry about bringing lots of . . . fans to the area and support that,” Bonnie, of Bradenton, told Fox News. “The Governor has no business in that.”

“I agree with the first part, taxpayers should not be funding public teams,” Kevin from Valrico, Florida, said of DeSantis’ comments.

“I disagree about his latter part,” he added. “The government should not be telling industry what they believe or what they don’t believe.”

Jonathan, of St. Petersburg, told Fox News: “The Governor . . . needs to be more tactful. They wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t been for Uvalde.”

“It’s not like every day they’re spouting their political beliefs,” he continued.

Bonnie said: “Gov. DeSantis wants everyone to be free and have freedoms. I think that every company should be free to support what they want.”

Governor DeSantis is a regular guest on Fox News programming.

And no one can understand why Fox News would attack DeSantis for fighting back on an issue – woke corporations bullying conservatives – that many Americans care about.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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