Gavin Newsom blew a gasket when he got this brutal reality check about Florida

May 14, 2024

Gavin Newsom is a living nightmare as he watches California crumble.

Now he is watching Ron DeSantis deliver another win for Floridians. 

And Gavin Newsom blew a gasket when he got this brutal reality check about Florida.

Ron DeSantis announces $1.5 billion in tax relief for Floridians

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has built historic budget surpluses with responsible spending.

He signed a bill into law to law give Florida taxpayers $1.5 billion in tax relief through sales tax holidays, insurance premiums, and tax credits for businesses.

“Before I became Governor, we never even came close as a state to doing even a billion in tax relief,” DeSantis said during a press conference. “We’ve done, just since I’ve been governor, close to $7 billion in tax relief for taxpayers.”

The bill gave tax credits to businesses that provide childcare or help their employees with it.

“So, childcare has been really, really difficult,” DeSantis said. “It’s expensive and there’s not enough options for parents who are working. So now you can have an employer get a tax credit if they’re providing childcare on the site or if they’re doing a program where they’re helping their employees get the childcare that they need.”

DeSantis pointed out that another tax credit was given to businesses that hired disabled Floridians.

“If you look at some companies who have done this, like Publix, they’re providing opportunities for all these great people that have unique abilities and have certain challenges,” DeSantis explained.

Florida has some of the highest homeowner’s insurance in the country because of natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding.

“We are waiving all taxes on insurance premiums for a full year for homeowners’ policies and flood insurance policies,” DeSantis said. 

Florida already has no state income tax, and the Governor is still working to find ways to put more of taxpayers’ money back in their pockets.

This stands in stark contrast to the situation that is playing out for taxpayers in California.

California facing taxes increases after budget nightmare

California is facing a $73 billion budget deficit leaving the Democrat politicians that run the state with hard choices.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is trying to use gimmicks to paper over the deficit to avoid cutting spending or raising taxes again.

DeSantis official Christina Pushaw, a California native, pointed out the difference between California and Florida on tax increase.

“A tale of 2 states,” Pushaw wrote on X. “Choose wisely.”

She included a graphic of a news story about California’s Taxpayer Protection ballot initiative.

Voters in California are trying to get a measure on the ballot that would require citizen approval for state and local government to raise taxes and fees or create new ones.

Newsom and Democrat State Legislators sued last year to stop the measure from getting on the ballot.

“In enacting this measure, the voters reassert their right to a voice and a vote on new and higher taxes by requiring any new or higher tax to be put before voters for approval,” the initiative states.

While Florida is giving taxpayer relief, California is trying to find a way to wring every last nickel out of their citizens.

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