Gavin Newsom cares more about Ron DeSantis than he does the raging dumpster fire in his own backyard

Sep 18, 2023

Florida’s economy is booming under Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership.

Meanwhile, Californians are dealing with homelessness, soaring crime, property theft, and an energy crisis.

But apparently Gavin Newsom cares more about Ron DeSantis than he does the raging dumpster fire in his own backyard.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is obsessed with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and spent the past two years attacking him on a nonstop basis.

After DeSantis soared to rock star status in the GOP for his pro-freedom policies and willingness to fight the woke Left ahead of last November’s elections, Newsom started attacking him in an effort to score political points with Democrats.

At that time, no one really expected Joe Biden to run for a second term and Newsom was attempting to position himself to replace Harris as next in line.

Newsom dropped $100,000 on an ad attacking DeSantis on Fox News in Florida and donated six figures to his opponent Charlie Crist.

But the attacks didn’t stop after DeSantis led Republicans to a landslide victory and turned Florida into a solid red state.

Newsom’s attacks have only increased and the two are expected to face off in a debate hosted by Sean Hannity on Fox News in December.

During a recent interview with POLITICO, Newsom taunted DeSantis and offered him some advice for his Presidential campaign.

“He’s belly flopped,” Newsom said. “He’s belly flopped.”

Newsom said “the best thing that could happen to DeSantis is tomorrow he packs it in and keeps his money and fights another day.”

He then repeated his usual lies about DeSantis and falsely claimed that the Florida Governor “threatened librarians,” “banned books,” and “banned speech.”

DeSantis previously responded to Newsom’s constant attacks by releasing a video highlighting the raging dumpster fire that Newsom turned California into with his left-wing policies.

“They have fled California in record numbers,” DeSantis previously said. “Florida has been the number one state for net in-migration, and we have the number one ranked economy, number one now in education, and the crime rate is at a 50-year low.”

DeSantis already called out Newsom for paying more attention to Florida than his own state.

“Yet, with all those problems he has a real, serious fixation on the state of Florida,” DeSantis said. “I mean, I think it is just bizarre that he does that.”

There is no comparison between Florida and California.

The only area where California outdoes Florida is homelessness and crime.

And nothing Newsom can say about DeSantis will change that fact.

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