Gavin Newsom’s latest swing at DeSantis missed the entire point

Jan 23, 2024

After Ron DeSantis destroyed Newsom during their one-on-one debate, Newsom has been after him ever since.

And now Newsom is gloating and telling everyone that DeSantis’ campaign is “finished.”

But his latest attack against DeSantis misses the entire point and is about to backfire.

Newsom is terrified of DeSantis

California Governor Gavin Newsom is threatened by Ron DeSantis, and he’ll use every opportunity to take a swing at him.

After all, Newsom was humiliated after DeSantis exposed Newsom’s own father-in-law fled California to embrace the freedom-loving policies of the Sunshine State.

Newsom’s failed leftist policies are not working in California, and the mass exodus of Californians to other states proves people do not want to be governed by a leftist tyrant.

But because DeSantis took second place in Iowa, Newsom is convinced DeSantis is done forever.

At an event in Orange County, Newsom said “DeSantis is toast.” He continued, “That’s self-evident. I don’t think he’s even spending much time in New Hampshire, given up on that. I don’t know what state he can win in a primary, so that’s for certain,” Deadline reported.

But is Donald Trump better?

DeSantis is not finished just yet, but even if he is, re-electing President Trump should terrify Newsom and his leftist pals, as Trump is unpredictable.

If America elects Donald Trump again, leftists like Gavin Newsom will feel the consequences.

Newsom knows it is true and couldn’t even deny that Trump is a formable threat.

“It’s Trump’s to lose,” Newsom declared. 

He continued “Time to recognize that and look forward. The Biden administration has already understood this. The rest of us should get on with it and clarify the choice and the consequences of a second Trump term,” reported Deadline.

Newsom may want Ron DeSantis buried, but burying DeSantis guarantees Trump will be the nominee.

Leftists are running scared

At the end of the day, regardless if the nominee is Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump, leftists are in trouble.

Trump may blow with the wind on his principles, but he is not a pushover, and he will definitely crush Biden’s extreme agenda.

Liberals could only hope a candidate like Nikki Haley would get elected or face Biden, but the tide is roaring in a different direction.

While some politicos quietly hope Biden will step back and another candidate will come forward, even if that happens the Democrats are finished.

What Newsom fails to realize is that his left-wing utopia policies embraced in California are not wanted in America.

Although there are pockets of leftist cities being destroyed by bad politicians, the majority of Americans still love freedom, and they’ll work night and day to make sure Biden or any other Democrat nominee does not step foot in the White House again. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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