Governor DeSantis is making moves that appeal to discerning independent voters around the nation

Jul 29, 2022

No one knows for sure who is running for President in 2024.

But feelers are being put out and forces are already lining up behind any number of candidates.

And Governor DeSantis is making moves that appeal to discerning independent voters around the nation.

Democrats are scrambling to try and find a replacement for Joe Biden.

But they are split on which direction to go and who to approach about replacing Biden as his mental state rapidly deteriorates.

One thing the Democrats seem to be united on is that Kamala Harris is not the replacement.

On the Republican side, while it appears more and more likely Donald Trump is running again, it’s still not certain.

If Trump does run, the list of GOP candidates is almost certain to be very short.

But if Trump decides to bow out, expect a very long list of Republicans vying for their party’s nod.

And at the top of that list for many conservatives is Florida’s powerhouse Governor Ron DeSantis.

While Donald Trump is still clearly the leader of the strong and growing America First movement, the question many have is if he is the only leader of this movement.

That’s where DeSantis comes in.

Despite the left-wing media trying to create a false rivalry between Trump and DeSantis, polling is showing more and more that GOP voters and America First movement conservatives are becoming increasingly more open to Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis as the 2024 nominee, especially if Trump doesn’t run.

And more importantly for the 2024 general election, DeSantis is winning over independents who see him as a more uniting force for our country than Trump.

Even diehard Trump supporters understand that he comes with some polarizing negatives that while appealing to his base can turn off some of the independent base needed to win a general election.

To be sure, Trump fought to expose the corruption in Washington, D.C. and became a strong voice for the American people who were tired of the Chinese Communist Party getting favorable treatment in our economy while he also became the most anti-war President in decades.

Still, he was – and is – a lightning rod not just for the radical Left, but for some independents and moderate Republicans as well.

Ron DeSantis, however, is very likely able to lead the America First coalition without many of the Trump negatives.

And DeSantis has shown he is willing to address legitimate culture war and conservative issues, not just with his rhetoric but with concrete legislative and executive action.

DeSantis’ rise to political prominence came from him putting the people of Florida first during the pandemic by ignoring the Fauci fanaticism and lockdown and mask mania and instead implementing common sense Constitutional measures that minimized the economic and social impact on the state’s residents and businesses.

In short, if Trump doesn’t run, DeSantis has clearly shown he can lead the America First movement and easily win over the voters needed to both secure the GOP nod and win in November.

And if Trump does run, well, we will just have to see what happens.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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