Greg Gutfeld’s reaction to Ron DeSantis signing one new law will have the woke mob melting down

May 12, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis keeps racking up wins over the cultural Left.

It’s made him a target of many in the corporate-controlled media.

But Greg Gutfeld’s reaction to Ron DeSantis signing one new law will have the woke mob melting down.

As DeSantis Daily previously reported, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new law mandating that Florida schools teach students about the evils of communism.

At a press conference for the bill signing, DeSantis explained that he was sick and tired of woke college students wearing t-shirts celebrating the murderous communist enforcer Che Guevara.

“You can see at a college campus students flying the hammer and sickle from the old Soviet Union flag. You will see students that will have t-shirts with Che Guevara on the t-shirts. You will see students that will idolize people like Mao Zedong. That to me speaks of a tremendous ignorance about what those individuals represented in the evils that communism inflicted on people throughout the world. And so, our goal here is to stand for the truth,” DeSantis declared.

On a recent episode of Greg Gutfeld’s hit late night show, Gutfeld and his panel applauded DeSantis for teaching students actual history.

Former WWE superstar Tyrus (whose real name is George Murdoch) said that DeSantis signing such a law would expose the people who truly support communism when they expressed their opposition to the new Florida law.

Tyrus claimed that the Left would try and discredit the law as racist.

Tyrus explained that to shut down and isolate these communists all you needed to do was point out that Lenin, Mao, and Stalin murdered 100 million people in the name of this evil ideology.

“Oh, wow. You know, I’ll give you a history lesson on communism. Let me guess what they’re going to come out and say, I know exactly what to say. It’s racist, it’s racist, that you’re teaching us about the evil side of communism. And he’s also pointing the people who are for it, to where it was going to look at them,” Tyrus exclaimed.

Gutfeld agreed and picked up that point telling viewers that teaching students about how communism could serve as a counterbalance to Critical Race Theory, except for the fact that instructing students about the horrors of communism is just teaching simple facts.

“If you want to do CRT, we’re going to teach the kids about how bad communism is. But it’s — but Tyrus is right. This is actually factual history. And it should be — it’s not like an ideology behind this lesson,” Gutfeld declared.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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