It took tasers and handcuffs to stop this drug-fueled Florida man from eating a police officer

May 14, 2024

Nearly 400 music festivals and event organizations take place each year in Florida.

Sometimes these events get a little wild and crazy.

And it took tasers and handcuffs to stop this drug-fueled Florida man from eating a police officer.

Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States.

Over 135 million people visited Florida in 2023.

Most visitors come to Florida for its numerous beaches.

But tens of thousands of people make a trip to Florida each year to attend one of its nearly 400 music festivals and events.

The Sol Fest music and arts festival took place in Ponce de Leon Florida from May 2 to May 5.

The four-day event featured three unique custom stages “known as the mind, body, and sol stage with cryogenics/pyrotechnics, fireworks, and lasers.”

It also included a waterpark equipped with water excursions and water slides.

According to its website, “the purpose of Sol Fest is to create a safe haven where people can connect, establish long-lasting friendships, and create memories that will help them heal from loss and the challenges of life.”

But with over 10,000 people at this year’s Sol Fest, the event spiraled into an out-of-control drug rave.

“People in Holmes County are upset over a four-day festival at Vortex Springs, attended by up to 10,000 people,” reported. “Locals complained about noise, drug use, and unruly behavior.”

More than a dozen people were arrested for drug possession at the electronic dance music festival.

“The Holmes County Sheriff’s Office implemented a foot patrol of the venue after multiple people were arrested for drug possessions ranging from mushrooms, ecstasy, cocaine, molly, marijuana and more,” Live5News reported.

But one officer almost lost his life after a drug-fueled man attacked him and bit a huge chunk out of his head.

According to reports, a drug-fueled event volunteer attacked a deputy on foot patrol at the event.

After the drug-fueled man bit a chunk out of the officer’s head, it took tasers and handcuffs to finally subdue the maniac.

“Authorities arrested the volunteer, James Michael Anderson, and charged him with aggravated assault on an officer and resisting arrest with violence,” Live5News also reported. “According to the sheriff’s office, Anderson bit a chunk out of the back of the deputy’s head and attempted to grab the deputy’s gun.”

Anderson was high on PCP, LSD, Ketamine, psychedelic mushrooms, and ecstasy when he attacked the officer.

Event attendee Austin Boughner defended the attacker and blasted the police officers.

“I feel like their intentions here were different than intentions at other festivals I’ve seen police officers,” Boughner said. “I see a lot of collectives of police officers at festivals that are smiling and having fun, and they’re here to actually make sure people are safe not hunting us, and I feel like a lot of people in the festival felt they were being hunted instead of protected.”

Police arrested Anderson and charged him with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and for resisting arrest with violence.

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