Jaws hit the floor over what Donald Trump just accused Ron DeSantis of doing to Barack Obama

Aug 10, 2023

Donald Trump attacking Ron DeSantis is no surprise.

Trump’s been taking swipes at the Governor since before last year’s Midterm elections.

But jaws hit the floor over what Donald Trump just accused Ron DeSantis of doing to Barack Obama.

New Hampshire is one of the four key battleground states for Republican candidates in the GOP Presidential Primary.

With 59 political leaders backing his bid for the White House, Ron DeSantis is leading the field in New Hampshire when it comes to endorsement.

But polls continue to show Donald Trump dominating the Republican Presidential Primary field by double digits.

Even though Trump enjoys a big lead in New Hampshire, the former President is not taking the Granite State for granted.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump visited New Hampshire to rally Republican voters behind his campaign.

Trump slammed Special Counsel Jack Smith for waging lawfare against him on Joe Biden’s behalf with this “ridiculous case.”

“I will talk about it,” Trump said in reference to the 2020 election. “They’re not taking away my First Amendment rights.”

But Joe Biden and Jack Smith were not the only ones who Donald Trump went after during his speech.

He also ripped Ron DeSantis and made one wild accusation against the Governor.

Trump recounted his decision to endorse DeSantis in 2018, telling the crowd that “I actually told him if I were Abraham Lincoln, if we brought him back from the dead and if we brought George Washington back from the dead, and they gave you the greatest endorsement and they hugged you and kissed you, just like you did to Barack Obama just like, you know, he did and Christie did.”

After accusing DeSantis of hugging and kissing Barack Obama, Trump asked the crowd, “who hugged and kissed Obama harder, DeSanctus or Chris Christie?” before adding “I think Chris Christie.”

Of course, Chris Christie infamously hugged Barack Obama in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy, which many credit with helping him defeat Mitt Romney.

However, it is a fact that Ron DeSantis has never hugged or kissed Barack Obama.

But that did not stop Donald Trump from making the false claim in his New Hampshire speech on Tuesday.

Ron DeSantis is used to being attacked.

He’s been under fire for the past two years over his pro-freedom policies and war on the woke Left.

And he will just brush off Donald Trump’s wild claims about Barack Obama.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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