Joe Biden hung his head in shame after Ron DeSantis uttered these five brutal words

Jul 2, 2024

Joe Biden and his media allies are constantly trying to pick fights with Ron DeSantis.

Now he is jabbing back in the most epic way possible. 

And Joe Biden hung his head in shame after Ron DeSantis uttered these five brutal words. 

Florida has the lowest per capita debt in the nation

The federal government has been a fiscal basket case for decades with massive budget deficits. 

President Joe Biden’s socialist spending spree added trillions to the national debt. 

The Tea Party broke out in 2009 in part from former President Barack Obama’s wasteful $787 billion stimulus bill. 

Now bills costing more than one trillion dollars have become the norm under Biden with his 2021 American Rescue Plan hitting $2 trillion.

While the debt continues to pile up for the federal government, Florida is going in the opposite direction.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed the state’s budget for the next fiscal year that reduced spending from the previous budget.

The Sunshine State’s strong economy and fiscal health have let it begin to pay down the debt that the state owes.

DeSantis touted that Florida has the lowest per capita debt in the country.

And he is going to continue paying down more.

“We have $500 million to continue our accelerated debt repayment program,” DeSantis said on social media. “We now have the lowest per capita state debt of any state in these United States.”

Florida versus the federal government on fiscal responsibility

DeSantis broke down what each taxpayer would owe for their share of the debt.

“We’ve retired 36% of the state’s taxpayer finance debt since I’ve became governor,” DeSantis continued. “You look at the federal government, $34+ trillion, your share as an American is over $100,000. That’s each and every solitary American.”

The actual debt of the federal government is over $120 trillion when unfunded liabilities like Medicare and Social Security are accounted for. 

“In Florida, the share that each Floridian would have for our state debt… it’s about $600,” DeSantis explained. “We’re happy to be leading on this, we’re glad that we’ve been able to get a lot done, but this $500 million to accelerate the repayment of debt will put us in even better fiscal shape as a result.”

Democrat-controlled states have a significantly higher debt burden for their residents compared to Florida.

The Tax Foundation found that Connecticut had the highest per capita debt in the country at $11,637.

Florida’s frequent rival, California was ranked 20th in the country at $3,692.

U.S. News and World Report found that Florida had the best state economy in the country.

The strong economy has allowed DeSantis to pay down debt and provide relief to taxpayers.

DeSantis’ budget included $1.5 billion in tax relief with a toll relief and several sales tax holidays.

“We have taken action, particularly over the last few years to provide relief for consumers and Floridians given what’s going on in Washington,” DeSantis said. 

Florida is an example of what to do for the tax and spend politicians in Washington, D.C.’s “Swamp.”

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