Joe Biden is headed to court after Florida teamed up with red states for this border lawsuit

Feb 29, 2024

Joe Biden continues to refuse to secure the southern border.

The backlash is building against his lawless regime. 

Now Joe Biden is headed to court after Florida teamed up with red states for this border lawsuit. 

Texas has been locked in a battle with the Biden administration over securing the border.

President Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to keep the border wide open.

His Homeland Security Department won a victory over Texas at the Supreme Court to allow the Border Patrol to remove razor wire the Texas National Guard placed at the border.

But now, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has some backup in his legal battle. 

Red states help Texas sue Joe Biden to reinstate border security measures

The Biden administration won another court decision against Texas to force the state to remove protective buoys that had been placed in the Rio Grande River to deter illegal aliens from swimming across.

Kansas Republican Attorney General Kris Kobach partnered with more than 20 Republican Attorney Generals to file an amicus brief with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Abbott’s legal fight to put the buoys back in the river.

Texas is appealing the decision that would force the state to remove them but was allowed to keep them in place while the appeals process plays out.

The Republican Attorney Generals’ brief pointed out that Texas has a right to defend itself and that Biden has failed to do his job securing the border.

“The Constitution guarantees the States’ right to self-defense expressly and as a natural incident of the States’ status as sovereign entities,” the brief stated. “Here, however, the federal government has sought to disable Texas’s exercise of that right by claiming that it violates a federal law focused on the navigability of the nation’s waterways, a law that does not expressly limit the States’ ability to engage in self-defense.”

The brief blasted Biden for his mounting failures at the border.

Joe Biden accused of encouraging illegal immigration

“The current administration has not only failed to secure the border but also has willfully enacted policies that have encouraged illegal immigration. The result: millions of illegal aliens crossing the southern border and continuing into the interior,” the brief added. “A flood of illegal immigration across the Southern border that has brought with it crime, human trafficking, and hundreds of thousands of fentanyl deaths to the people of this country.”

Kansas was joined on the brief by Attorney Generals from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Virginia.

The brief said that Texas has a constitutional right to defend itself by placing the buoys in the Rio Grande.

Red states will have to battle the Biden administration in court to be able to take even the most basic border security measures.

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