Joe Biden tried to shut down Ron DeSantis. But this is why Biden failed miserably

Sep 28, 2022

Democrats are stark raving mad about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flying 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.

Leftists demanded the Biden administration take action.

And Joe Biden tried to shut down Ron DeSantis. But this is why Biden failed miserably.

DeSantis exposed Democrats’ hypocritical belief in open borders when the wealthy liberal elite residents of Martha’s Vineyard had National Guard troops swoop in and deport the illegal aliens to a holding facility at a nearby military base.

Some Democrats demanded Joe Biden arrest and prosecute DeSantis on baseless kidnapping charges.

Others demanded Biden utilize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to stop DeSantis from chartering more flights of illegal aliens to Democrat-run sanctuary states.

But there is one problem with that idea.

The FAA has no authority to ground flights chartered by DeSantis unless the company involved is not deemed airworthy or violates safety protocols.

POLITICO reports:

For a charter service to operate, the FAA has to deem its fleet airworthy and the company’s maintenance and operations practices adequately safe. Only then does the agency issue a certificate saying it can carry passengers for hire.

The DOT must separately issue a certificate saying the company has adequate financial backing to serve consumers.

If a charter company flies for hire without either of those approvals, the FAA considers it a “rogue operator” that it “works aggressively to identify and shut down,” according to the agency.

Ultimately, JetCharters received federal approval to carry passengers in 1984 and has no safety violation issues.

Democrats even tried to get the FAA to ground the flights, claiming the chartered flights broke kidnapping laws.

Former FAA chief counsel Sandy Murdock explained to POLITICO why that is impossible.

“The agency has rarely used collateral statutes to ground or revoke or suspend the operator’s certificate,” Murdock stated. “The theory would be that the operator showed such a disregard for another law that it can be inferred that its disregard of that statute would likely extend to the aviation safety requirements.”

Murdock added that it is “absolutely critical that the operator was aware of the charterer’s illegal intentions.”

Democrats are powerless to stop DeSantis from chartering flights of illegal aliens to sanctuary cities so all they can do is rant and rave.

“What Governor DeSantis is doing is disgusting. And he and other Republican governors are using political decisions to treat people like garbage,” New Mexico Democrat Senator Ben Ray Luján raged. “And that’s what this is all about. So looking at specific rules or changes, I don’t know what’s going to change their behavior. That’s what needs to be evaluated.”

Democrats’ authoritarian tendencies to try and criminalize dissent are on full display for all to see and they’re furious about it.

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