Joe Biden tried to take revenge on Ron DeSantis in this sick way

Sep 2, 2022

Joe Biden tried to make Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into the Left’s new bogeyman.

But Biden’s taken the effort to demonize Governor DeSantis too far.

And Joe Biden tried to take revenge on Ron DeSantis in this sick way.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced he was suing the Biden administration over the FDA dragging its feet on approving Florida’s application to participate in a federal program to allow states to import lower cost prescription drugs from Canada.

President Trump authorized the program in 2020 and but it’s been over a year and a half since Florida applied for approval.

POLITICO reports:

President Joe Biden also issued an executive order in July 2021 that directed the FDA to implement the program, and staffers with the agency told health officials from various states, including Florida, that more details would be forthcoming. Officials with the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration said the FDA never provided further information . . .

. . . Simone Marstiller, secretary for the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, told the FDA in March that Florida had already waited 500 days for its application to be approved. She said on Wednesday that another 100 days have gone by without a word.

DeSantis expressed exasperation that the Biden administration still had not approved Florida’s participation in this program.

“People use drugs in Canada — this isn’t Djibouti,” DeSantis stated. “This is a safe country.”

“I didn’t anticipate getting to this point where even the administration says they support it and then we just toil for months and months,” DeSantis added.

DeSantis explained the state legislature already approved $40 million in spending to run the program so the infrastructure was all ready to go.

The state just needed the ok from the federal government.

“All of this stuff is ready to go,” DeSantis added. “It’s turnkey.”

Back in 2021 Joe Biden tried to reboot his failing Presidency by picking a fight with Governor DeSantis.

Biden tried to contrast Florida banning vaccine requirements and mask mandates in schools as irresponsible.

At that time, Biden leaned into a federal vaccine mandate and sued states that banned forcing children to wear masks in schools.

And now it looks like Biden is punishing seniors in Florida by preventing them from accessing cheaper prescription drugs as a payback for Governor DeSantis defying Biden on vaccine and mask mandates.

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