Joe Biden was furious over what Elon Musk admitted about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Nov 29, 2022

Elon Musk is the new owner of the social media platform Twitter.

Democrats are not happy about it.

And Joe Biden was furious over what Elon Musk admitted about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Elon Musk was originally inspired to purchase Twitter after the woke employees in the censorship department banned the satire site Babylon Bee for jokingly awarding Rachel Levine, a man who claims to be a woman, with its “man of the year” award.

As the new owner, Musk immediately began firing thousands of Twitter employees in the company’s censorship department.

Then, after asking Twitter users for their opinion, Elon Musk reinstated Donald Trump’s account, although the former President currently plans to remain solely on his Truth Social platform.

Musk also reinstated the Babylon Bee’s account along with several other previously banned users.

Of course, Democrats and the radical Left are having a total meltdown over Elon Musk following through with his promise to end censorship and restore free speech on Twitter.

But Democrats are fuming after Elon Musk admitted that he would vote for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis if he runs for President in 2024.

Twitter user Tim Young posted a link to an article noting that even though Musk allowed Trump back on the platform, the former President hasn’t yet tweeted out a message.

Elon Musk replied to Young and said he is “fine with Trump not tweeting.”

“I’m fine with Trump not tweeting. The important thing is that Twitter corrected a grave mistake in banning his account, despite no violation of the law or terms of service. Deplatforming a sitting President undermined public trust in Twitter for half of America,” Musk replied.

Musk followed up with his reply by noting that he “reluctantly voted for Biden over Trump.”

Twitter user “Proud Elephant” asked Elon Musk, “would you support Ron DeSantis in 2024?”

Elon Musk responded in the affirmative with a simple “yes.”

This is not the first time Elon Musk declared his support for DeSantis.

Musk replied to a user back in June that even though he had always been a Democrat, he was supporting Ron DeSantis for President in 2024.

Outside of Donald Trump, there is no Republican who Joe Biden and the Democrats fear more than Ron DeSantis.

Democrats were already outraged at Elon Musk for restoring free speech.

But after reaffirming his support for DeSantis, the Left is going to go after Elon Musk harder than ever before.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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