Joe Biden was furious when Ron DeSantis threw a monkey wrench in this green scheme

Jan 17, 2024

Joe Biden has put the full force of his regime behind lowering carbon emissions.

He is trying to trample the rights of states to force them to comply.

And Joe Biden was furious when Ron DeSantis threw a monkey wrench in this green scheme.

President Joe Biden is using the regulatory power of the federal government to enact sweeping regulations to combat climate change.

His extreme climate change agenda is spreading to every branch of the government. 

Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jared Perdue warned in an opinion piece for The Daily Wire that roads were becoming the latest battleground over climate change.

“Recently, state transportation departments have seen a swift uptick in the politicization of infrastructure investments by the Biden Administration,” Perdue wrote. “Rather than focusing on road projects to reduce congestion, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is focused on social and environmental justice, neither of which supports the efficient movement of people or our supply chain.”

The federal government sends hundreds of billions of dollars to states to fund their infrastructure projects, and with the money, comes strings attached.

The USDOT is trying to coerce states into tracking and developing plans to reduce carbon emissions produced by vehicles on their roadways.

The agency developed arbitrary rules for the program which set up states that do not toe the line on climate change to be punished later.

“This rule is excessively burdensome on states, expensive to implement, and lacks guidance on what’s considered successful, another clear overreach by the federal government,” Perdue wrote.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody are fighting back by joining 21 other states in a lawsuit challenging the rule.

“The Biden Administration is unilaterally injecting policies into all aspects of American life that are not supported by science or even the letter of the law, the primary objective being absolute control,” Perdue explained. “Initially, they wanted states to simply acknowledge carbon reduction as a necessary goal. This seemingly passive suggestion then transformed into an edict that states must reduce and track CO2 emissions.”

The ultimate goal of the USDOT rule is to reduce carbon emissions to restrict driving Americans according to Perdue.

“The Free State of Florida values freedom, both in how you travel, what you drive, and what fuels your vehicle,” Perdue noted.

Joe Biden is trying to get leverage over states through federal grants to force them to comply with his extreme climate change agenda.

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