Joe Rogan had three brutal words of advice for Ron DeSantis about running against Donald Trump

Nov 17, 2023

Liberal comedian Joe Rogan is the most popular podcaster on the planet.

Even though Rogan generally shies away from endorsing candidates, he is not shy about voicing his political opinions.

And Joe Rogan had three brutal words of advice for Ron DeSantis about running against Donald Trump.

There’s less than two months left until the January 15 Iowa Caucuses.

The GOP field recently narrowed with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott’s departure from the race.

Despite facing four criminal indictments carrying 91 charges, polls show Donald Trump holding a massive lead over the rest of the GOP field.

The latest RealClearPolitics polling average shows Trump with a 43.4% lead, with Ron DeSantis in second at 14.9% and Nikki Haley in third at 9.2%.

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is ignoring the polls and focusing his efforts on winning Iowa.

DeSantis recently picked up the support of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and is a few counties shy of hitting his goal of reaching a “Full Grassley,” by campaigning in all 99 counties in the Hawkeye State.

But the RealClearPolitics polling average for Iowa shows Donald Trump with a 30 point lead over second place Ron DeSantis.

Liberal comedian and podcast legend Joe Rogan believes DeSantis and the other candidates are wasting their time running against Trump.

“No one is going to run against Trump on the Republican side and win, because you’re not going to get the Trump supporters,” Rogan said on an episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

According to Rogan, the only way Trump will lose the GOP Primary is if Joe Biden’s lawfare successfully keeps him from appearing on the ballot.

Rogan does not know Ron DeSantis, but if he did the podcaster said he would offer him a few words of advice about running against Donald Trump this cycle.

“If I was friends with DeSantis I’d be like, ‘don’t do it.’ You can’t beat [Donald Trump], you just can’t,’” Rogan said.

“When [Donald Trump] gets out there and he’s waving to people and they’re going crazy, you’re not beating that,” he added.

Of course, DeSantis believes Joe Rogan is wrong and is hoping to prove it on January 15.

The Florida Governor recently made a bold move and guaranteed his victory in the Iowa Caucuses.

DeSantis is hoping to prove Donald Trump wrong.

But only time will tell who comes out of Iowa on top.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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