John Fetterman was caught on tape making one stunning admission that will ruin Joe Biden

Aug 10, 2023

John Fetterman stepped in it big time.

The controversial Democrat’s words are about to haunt Joe Biden big time.

And John Fetterman was caught on tape making one stunning admission that will ruin Joe Biden.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently sat for an interview with NBC where he tried to shift the abortion debate away from Republicans’ position on pro-life laws to the Democrat Party’s extremism on the issue.

DeSantis noted that Democrats support taxpayer-funded abortion right up until the moment of birth.

“I would not allow what a lot of the left wants to do, which is to override pro-life protections throughout the country all the way up really until the moment of birth in some instances, which I think is infanticide,” DeSantis declared.

Liberal activist Dasha Burns pushed back, falsely claiming Democrats don’t support abortion-on-demand until birth.

“I’ve gotta push back on you on that because that’s a misrepresentation of what’s happening,” Burns claimed. “I mean, 1.3 percent of abortions happen at 21 weeks or higher,” Burns stated.

That same weekend, CNN’s Dana Bash also pushed the lie that Democrats don’t support abortion up until birth.

The media is in the tank both for the abortion movement and the Democrat Party.

Members of the press know late-term abortion is horribly unpopular with polls showing just 22 percent of Americans support abortion in the third trimester.

Democrats’ own words expose these lies.

The DeSantis War Room Twitter account posted a five minute long video of a host of Democrats declaring they do not support any limits on abortion.

John Fetterman led off the clips with his jaw-dropping admission during the 2020 Senate campaign that there is not a single restriction on abortion he would support.

Members of the media can try and gaslight the public about Democrats’ extremism on the abortion issue.

But the words of key elected officials like Fetterman are impossible to hide from.

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