Kellyanne Conway just offered Ron DeSantis one surprising piece of advice

Apr 25, 2023

Kellyanne Conway famously managed Donald Trump’s victorious 2016 Presidential campaign.

Right now, Conway is not affiliated with any 2024 candidate.

And Kellyanne Conway just offered Ron DeSantis one surprising piece of advice.

Some former Trump advisors and the Trump campaign are bizarrely trying to make an issue out of Ron DeSantis fighting back against Disney’s woke bullying.

Disney tried to kill a bill DeSantis eventually signed that barred teachers from using sexualized lesson plans to recruit children in grades K-3 into transgenderism.

DeSantis then signed legislation stripping Disney of its ability to operate as its own government in the Reedy Creek District by putting the district under the control of a board appointed by the governor.

Disney then tried to cut a deal with the outgoing board to keep Disney in charge of the Reedy Creek District for all time.

DeSantis promised that not only was the deal Disney struck legally invalid, but that his administration would look at new laws imposing tolls on the roads to Disney, new hotel taxes, or maybe even building a new prison outside Disney World.

Grassroots conservatives cheered DeSantis for designing a template on how to push back against corporations that try and leverage their economic might to blackmail red states into bowing to the Left’s woke agenda.

But since DeSantis plans to make this the centerpiece of his Presidential campaign, Trump World is executing a head-scratching strategy of trying to turn DeSantis promising that Florida is where “woke goes to die” into a negative.

Former Trump chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow bemoaned DeSantis taking on Disney during his Fox Business show, falsely claiming it was a political mistake.

“Trump is running against DeSantis,” Kudlow stated. “Meanwhile, in my view, DeSantis is running against Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. And I think that’s a huge mistake, and his obsession here I think is really damaging him.”

Kellyanne Conway was Kudlow’s guest and she agreed.

First, Conway knocked DeSantis for taking so long to get into the race.

“If you want to win, you have to play,” Conway stated.

Then Conway chided DeSantis for fighting back against wokeism as a main focus of his administration.

“He spends way too much time on the culture wars, and that begins with Disney and includes many other things,” Conway added. “Woke is important, but you can’t have that as a replacement for a bold, growth-centric economic plan.”

But expelling wokeism from schools and economic growth are linked.

Florida experienced a record migration to the state in 2021 due in large part to the fact that DeSantis pushed back against Dr. Fauci’s mandates, snuffed out any attempts by Black Lives Matter to riot during the summer of 2020, and banned woke ideology in the classroom.

Between July 2021 and July 2022 Florida’s economy grew at 3.5 percent, which was fourth fastest in the nation.

The Trump campaign and its allies are worried that this is a winning message in a GOP Primary and are twisting themselves into knots trying to neutralize it.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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